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Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by TheScarpino, Jan 24, 2018.

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    That's exactly the point of it. Also keeps the more likely to fall out bolts on the bike even if it won't keep them tight.
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    That can be important for things like brake caliper bolts. They "work" when loose, but will definitely stop working if they fall out. I was lucky and saw the bolt hit the ground exiting turn 9 at Summit Point and got a hand up and made pit out before anything really bad happened.:eek: This was at a track day that did not require wiring of brake caliper bolts. I know I was late with the exit signal, but I figured better to exit late than try to do a lap with no front brakes. Back story is I had a friend help me change the rain wheels back to dry. Due to both a lack of communication and lack of me checking the work, we left the right side caliper bolts loose. You can bet they get wired every time now and I check the work of anyone that helps me work on the bike. I am pretty positive I would have noticed the loose bolts when doing the wiring. :D
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    So I was RTFRB'ing in prep for my first race this weekend, and had a couple tech questions on safety wiring I may get flamed for. What exactly are these items referring to: speedo and tach cables; rear exhaust mounts (all)? How do I safety wire the speedo and tach cables on a K7 GSXR1000? Or does that only apply to vintage bikes? And for the rear exhaust mounts (all), is that saying that every fastener on the exhaust can hanger -- so the hanger to the subframe, and the hanger to the strap around the can -- have to be safety wired? Thanks.
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    Applies to bikes with speedo and tach cables - you don't have them on your bike.

    Yes on the exhaust. Anything bolting it to the bike other than the header bolts. So hanger to strap and hanger to subframe all need to be done.
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    Got it, thanks.

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