S1000rr/HP4 wheels

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by JeeBus91, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. JeeBus91

    JeeBus91 Active Member

    Looking to sell a complete set of HP4 wheels with rotors, abs rings, spacers, sprocket.. etc.

    Currently have brand new DUNLOP KR448/KR451 slicks mounted. Date stamps are 2017

    Price is negotiable, DM for more details.

    E3971C72-7000-4085-9CC9-353FBBDA668B.jpeg EF1F5BD5-730D-467E-9401-4465FBC61E1D.jpeg E6262029-9A4B-45A7-8C59-1BAC2A3C425F.jpeg EF1BE3E1-C7E5-40B3-A9E4-CD742328B8FE.jpeg 2DD526B0-B554-4E99-8D6D-E64DCB636CA1.jpeg 120A952A-E7EF-49E0-AAA0-ECFE1A410606.jpeg 0BEAEBA3-19A7-44AE-B1F1-9EC1D74FB326.jpeg
  2. Krypt RR

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    What is the price?
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  3. JeeBus91

    JeeBus91 Active Member

    $2,200 OBO
  4. JeeBus91

    JeeBus91 Active Member

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