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Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by spoon32, May 28, 2010.

  1. spoon32

    spoon32 Huh???

    I found somebody advertising a 1983 RZ350 for sale. I don't believe these were offered in the USA until '84 so I'm assuming it must be a canadian model.
    If so I read the motor did not come with the power valve (YPVS) untill 1984. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

  2. RTD

    RTD Well-Known Member

    All RZ's from 83 through 90 had YPVS valves I believe the US only received 84 and 85 models. The pre YPVS bikes were RD 350's
  3. mark cook

    mark cook Well-Known Member

    RTD is correct. I had one for a while
  4. spoon32

    spoon32 Huh???

    Thanks for the responses!
  5. Corsa

    Corsa Desmo Thunder

    It should be a RD350LC they came in either black or white. I have a black one thats 99% original...I think the "Elsie" looks more handsome than the later YPVS. In England it was THE bike that every 17yr old wanted when they got their license

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