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  1. EOdesmo

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    Looking to send my RZ500 to a good home. Purchased 2.5 yrs ago. I bought it with the intention to eventually have a nice daily rider. I have gone through it doing a general clean up and minor upgrades, carb rebuilds, etc. It starts and runs smoothly. The engine I believe will need at a minimum a top end rebuild but given its age and it looks like the cases have never been split, a complete rebuild would make more sense.

    Details: 1985 Canadian model (52x VIN). 9,062 km indicated. Given overall good condition of frame/components/lack of corrosion that might be a realistic ballpark number. Engine/intake all stock. JL stainless chambers. Other obvious details per pics.

    The following is what I've:
    -billet antidive block off plates -Venhill braided lines -Carbs rebuilt -new OEM fuel lines/fuel tank stainer
    -fork seals/wipers -throttle/clutch cables from Yambits -520 EK gold chain/RZ350 rear sprocket/CBR900 front sprocket-stock ratios -EBC HH front pads -Shorai Lithium battery -Iridium plugs -new foam sealing parts for elephant ears -SS air filter support -shock support arms shortened by Bill Wilson to raise rear 1.5"
    -Rick Lance positive fuel shut off -dozens of other OEM replacement parts.... And other items I don't recall.

    Included in the asking price will be an FZR600 set of forks, front and rear wheels (17" front 18"x 4.00 rear) and a 18"x 4.25 rear rim from and FZR1k. 2 totes of mostly OEM parts that came with the bike.

    I have many more pics, receipts, etc. A video or it running several weeks ago(making another today).

    -A clean clear Ohio title in my name

    -$8,000 for the Rz and all listed above.

    -For and additional $700, I have a new set Gus Christensen crankshafts and seals and a new Gus Christensen clutch(steels and fiber plates) and springs. Lots of info on the RD/RZ board regarding the cranks. A high quality reproduction of the factory manual.

    -Local pick up only (East Ohio). Post up or PM me with questions. Very busy at the moment but will get back to you ASAP.

    Thanks for looking.

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  2. EOdesmo

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    Almost forgot to mention... the only real cosmetic issue is there is a depression in the top of there tank. The PO stated it was there when he bought it (5 years ago). I slowly pressurized the tank to 10 psi. the dent resolved... unfortunately the paint over it cracked! it became evident I could have an indented tank WITH significant paint cracks or return it to the dented configuration. I returned it to the dented state and the cracks were reduced. I carefully covered the cracks with 3 coats of clear T/U paint. I wish I'd left it dented. Pic of repair below.

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  3. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    Nice bike

  4. motion

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    $8K is a steal for any running RZ500. GLWS
  5. nigel smith

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    Must resist!!! My hand keeps reaching for my wallet. Someone help me!
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  6. EOdesmo

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    "Must resist!!! My hand keeps reaching for my wallet. Someone help me!"

    LOL! Nigel, Id be more than happy to help you reach for your wallet...

    Will post up a few more pics and do a video tonite(if I get home before dark)
  7. raven433

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    Damn that’s badass!!! I wish I had the coin.
  8. EOdesmo

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    Some additional pics. The files for the video are very large. working on it. The cranks are additional cost.

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  9. EOdesmo

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  10. Motofun352

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    SWEET! I sold my RZ500 years ago....I still regret it. They're not the easiest thing to work on but when they're running right you better be ready when it comes on the pipe. :clap:
  11. Photo

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    I can't believe this has not sold yet. Beautiful bike!
  12. jksoft

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    I've seen this bike in person and it is even nicer than described. EOdesmo is meticulous with his maintenance. I would have already bought it if I had a little more room in the garage for another one.

    I purchased an RGV from him last year and it was a smooth transaction.
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  13. EOdesmo

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    Thanks for the comments gentleman... Someone needs to give this a new home!

    jk.. I was hoping you would have found some space in the garage by now.
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  14. EOdesmo

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    Sale pending...
  15. warclok

    warclok Well-Known Member

    Thank god!!! I was hoping it would sell already, I kept looking at this thing and not sleeping!!!

    Very happy for you, bike looks great!

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  16. EOdesmo

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  17. EOdesmo

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    The RZ is sold to a member on here. Its staying in Ohio. Thanks for all the interest.
  18. gpracer15

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    does he want an RGV250?
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  19. warclok

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    Maybe I do...send me the details

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