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  1. punchsponge

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    Well, as predicted VMD at Mid Ohio has confused the $%@& out of me. Had it pretty much resolved that Formula 3, Clubman Novice and Formula Singles were my classes last year, but now Clubman Novice and Formula Singles are missing from the lineup. Are my best bump up options really Formula 2 Novice or Lightweight Twins Superbike Novice? Sorry for the hassle; just want to make sure I get it right.
  2. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    They're all the normal WERA classes so not too hard to decipher - what bike do you have?
  3. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Never mind, went back to the other posts.

    The classes from last year didn't have much for the Moriwaki either. It's not Vintage and we're only doing 600 and 1k modern stuff other than Twins.

    So F3, F2 Novice, and yeah LW Twins Superbike Novice.
  4. punchsponge

    punchsponge Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Understood. Signed-up. :)
  5. Hans Boos

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    Racing at VMD for my first WERA event (Race in Canada now) and I'll be running a 1999 SV650. Should I run ltwt superbike or ltwt superstock if I am a rookie? I believe my bike is superstock legal... Minimal mods include SS lines, zx10 rear shock, slip on pipe, gsxr bodywork and race tech springs in the forks. Am I allowed to cut out excess wiring? (Wires that went to lights and aren't used) or do I have to keep the entire wiring harness intact? Thanks!
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  6. dsmitty37

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    I don't know about the shock but to be superstock legal you can not alter the wiring harness-i.e. cut it up to take the bulb sockets off, etc
  7. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    SS and SB have nothing to do with your status but with the mods done to the bike. Wiring harness has to be uncut but you can unplug.
  8. RyGuy7

    RyGuy7 Member

    I just did my first race at Grattan on 5/5, only raced C- SS on Saturday before having to return home. I am just now realizing that I never had my sheet signed by an official there verifying that I raced. Is that a problem or can I still have it signed for that day?
  9. Mechdziner714

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    send an email to, its unlikely they'll find this old thread with your question at the end

    Oh and congrats on your first race, say goodbye to all your $$$$
  10. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I find all threads :D

    Mark down the event and the date on the first line, just don't sign it. When you turn it in after your next event we'll verify it and you'll be fine. Happens all the time.

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