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  1. peter leduc

    peter leduc

    1995 Complete Motor brand new top end, less than 400 miles total on bottom end from HRC factory $800. Water pump rebuilt and crank seals were all replaced and engine is leak tested and ready to go. The perfect spare or practice motor for the price of 1 rebuild kit.

    Jha Widebody A-kit bodywork $300
    1996 CDI Box $50
    1997 Jha CDI for Leaded fuel $120
    New Coil (installed on bike) $20
    95-97 Wiring Harness $15
    Carb with Jet kit $100
    Tyga Kit Exhaust and Silencer $200
    Nice new radiator Carlos Neves cut to fit 2004 bodywork $250
    Tachometer $90
    Voltage regulator $50
    Temp Gage & foam $40

    pictures are here
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  2. peter leduc

    peter leduc


    Merry Christmas to all and the list of items for sale is now down to the following;

    Jha Widebody A-kit bodywork $300
    Tyga Kit Exhaust and Silencer $200

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