Robert Kraft and The Orchids of Asia

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    Sounds like those whacko sovereign citizens and free inhabitants types. They receive all the rights of citizens but they do t have to conform to any laws. LOL

    They get pulled over in their auto and have no tags, plates or license and simply state they are not required to have any of it because they are not drivers and are not driving they are traveling.

    I’m not soliciting, I’m just exchanging funds with this business and happen to get a tug and rub in the process. Not guilty your honor. :D
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    But a condom for 59.95 and get a free test ride?

    I suspect that one's already been tried.
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    If Smollett can get off maybe Bob can get off. Twice
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    The case involving Orchids of Asia began being disclosed Feb. 19 at a media briefing at the Martin County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff William Snyder said his agency targeted four spas in Martin County and spoke of the cases in the context of human trafficking.

    Investigators ultimately were led to Orchids of Asia in the neighboring Palm Beach County community of Jupiter where covert surveillance cameras were installed after investigators got a warrant.

    Kraft's alleged involvement in the case was disclosed days later.

    In court Friday, Assistant State Attorney Greg Kridos said at the outset of the investigation into Orchids of Asia, there appeared to be human trafficking involved but as the case went on, and after evaluating the evidence, there didn’t appear to be human trafficking.

    Judge delays ruling on whether evidence in Robert Kraft sex spa case, including videos, should be public

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