Road Atlanta 9/8-9/18

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    Fixed it on the main program, schedule has been updated with laps and some other fixes but still says MC so ignore that for now.
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    The Road A website sure has the WERA info all wrong in the info section. Dates; happenings; etc. Just FYI.

    Went to see about gate info - there is none to be had. Is it known when the gate will be opening for entry to the paddock?


    WERA Regional Double Header Sept. 8-9


    WERA returns to Road Atlanta in the fall with another diverse event for motorcycle enthusiasts. September 9th will be a Track Day geared toward non-racers. The 10th will give the racers a day of practice followed by the double-header Sportsman Sprint weekend. It all adds up to another great event for two-wheel action at one of America’s most challenging and scenic tracks.
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    Who has a suggestion for the best hotel in that area?
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    Gate will open around 4 or 5 Friday depending on who has the track rented and when they're done.
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    Had an awesome time this weekend with some fantastic racing!

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