Reputable 2 stroke tuners(west coast)

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by tomzilla808, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. tomzilla808

    tomzilla808 Member

    Hey Ed!! Small world Once I get a few things squared away this bike will be headed to Chuckwalla for a shakedown

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  2. uswjmc22

    uswjmc22 Obfusc8

    Truth LMAO
    "That clutch basket you sent is a piece of JUNK!!"
    Diplomacy is not his strong suit.
    But I couldn't care less.:D
    He'll have my 4DP in better nick than when it was brand new.
  3. uswjmc22

    uswjmc22 Obfusc8

    PS Tom:
    Roland worked on Erv Kanemoto's RS250 Honda GP bike back in the day...
    just sayin:bow:
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  4. tomzilla808

    tomzilla808 Member

    His reputation precedes him. I'm sure my bike will be in great hands.

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  5. peterleduc

    peterleduc Member

    I saw your clutch at Roland’s tonight, it was completely trashed, broken all over the place. He doesn’t need diplomacy to let you know what you sent his is complete junk.

    Just sayin’
  6. uswjmc22

    uswjmc22 Obfusc8

    Was sent to him as a whole, albeit repaired, basket. He said it was serviceable, but only in a pinch. So I ok'd him to cannibalize it for parts (hence it's torn down condition when you saw it)
    to be used in a new, aftermarket basket.

    Just Sayin'
  7. peterleduc

    peterleduc Member

    The one Roland showed me must not have been yours. It was broken beyond being even remotely serviceable. Inner and outer were broken.
  8. dieterly

    dieterly Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure it was the year Cadalora won the championship with Erv's team.
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  9. tomzilla808

    tomzilla808 Member

    Just offhand, does anyone have any of the parts/service manuals in english? Gecko had, but only in Japanese....
  10. rob linders

    rob linders Well-Known Member

  11. Repeater

    Repeater ReNameMeOften

    This whole thing makes me very happy. Ed tried to get me into bikes when I was a youngster. Never liked them. Didn't know the class of people that I was hanging around.

    I am very proud to have been mentored by Ed when I was a new Coasty. Wish I would have gotten the two wheel bug when I had the chance.

    Thanks Ed as always for helping me out all these years. Wish I could have afforded to run that bike!

    I will be riding at chuckwalla in May hope to see the bike again.
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