rc51 SP-2 question

Discussion in 'Tech' started by erick1670, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. erick1670

    erick1670 Chapin

    Hey guys maybe here someone can help me whit some wisdome! I am doing my forks I have revalve and resprong but when I see in the service manual how much oil you need it doesn`t really explain how much for either the 00-01 or 02 it only said 135mm, can anyone here clarifide that for me, thanks in advance:beer:
  2. That is the air gap...135mm. You need to fill with fork oil and leave 135mm air gap at the top of the fork.
  3. afm199

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    Well actually you remove the springs and leave the cartridge in. Then you collapse the fork and measure the gap from oil to top of outer tube ( the air gap ).
  4. erick1670

    erick1670 Chapin

    I have done this it just din`t understad if this gap is for a sp-1 or sp-2, the reason I ask is b/c I have seen in other treads that the sp-1 forks are longer that the sp-2, that`s why am a bit confuse....:confused:

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