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  1. Gerry Gentry

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    I'm hoping that Mongo or someone in the know will see this and be able to help with answers.

    We'll be traveling with two bikes this year. Our primary and our back-up. They are both 600 GSXR's. Right now the primary is the 2006 and the back-up is the 2008. They are both prepared to race standards, have very similar livery, are setup for "C" SuperStock, and we want to get track time on both during the weekend up in Vegas at the end of the month. What are the protocols for the following:

    Entry fees, bike numbers (we have #25 for the year), tech inspection, transponders, etc.

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  2. Wheel Bearing

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    Unless you've figured out how to ride two bikes at the same time, nothing changes aside from your tech procedure. When you go through tech the first time, tell them you have a B bike you need tech'd as well. Head back to your pit, return with B bike, get tech'd and that's that.

    As they always announce in the riders meeting - "Don't forget to swap your transponder if you switch bikes!!!"
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    tech typically happens the friday afternoon before a weekend or the morning of (sat & sun). Will usually be on the schedule and announced.
    Best to bring the bikes up sans belly pan and with the proper non glycol coolant. They may check brake function & throttle return...
    Highly suggest bringing the bike up spotless so you can breeze thru & not raise any concerns. Follow the rule book for numbers ...
    You'll need your tech sheet as well during this process.

    If you dont have a transponder... tell them at registration so you can get a rental.
  4. Gerry Gentry

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    Hey All,
    Thanks for the info. That seems to damn easy but I'll take. I've been with organizations (car groups) and it wasn't that easy (don't get me started). I hoped we could run the same transponder but didn't know if that would fly. Thanks for the info about tech prep. We always attempt to bring a proper piece to the line so the affair goes smoothly. If it ain't ready and won't pass it doesn't get in the line. The WERA guys up at Willow Springs were great to work with at the November season ender. I suspect they might look a little closer at the season opener but we prepare the same regardless.

    Regarding transponders, what's the general consensus? Buy, lease, or rent at the track?

    My duties don't include the fun part (riding). I just get to turn wrenches and pay bills. The rider makes the meetings and you know how that works. The info I get back is sketchy at best! o_O I'm sure if he could figure out a way to ride two at a time he'd try it. Riders!!!!!!

  5. TurboBlew

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    the newest transponders are sold by subscription. You can figure out the length you want to subscrbe. You can buya 260x type from 2-$400. No subscription required BUT the battery could go bad and runs about $150 to replace.
  6. Mongo

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    What John said, just let tech know you have a B bike - grab an extra tech form at registration for it. Single transponder is fine, just make sure it's on the bike going out. For your first two weekends if you've just done riders school the transponder rental is free, after that it's $60 a weekend. I have some of the old style that are brand new for $600, Mylaps is selling them but theirs all have a lease setup so they expire and you have to renew. Any of the TranX 260's from Mylaps/AMB work as do the X2's (but those can be a pain).
  7. Gerry Gentry

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    Got it, thanks.
  8. Wheel Bearing

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    I bought my non-subscription transponder from WERA my very first weekend, and that was back in 2013. I am so glad I did. I tell everyone to buy the non subscription one if at all possible, they don't lose value. Yeah it sucks buying it up front, but saves you $ in the long run.
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