Picking up a 2021 Honda NSF250R tomorrow

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by grandpanot, Jul 1, 2021.

  1. pro69ss

    pro69ss Active Member

    In for the pictures and report !

    +1 on Stickboy , that where I go for Moto 3 Dunlop 17’ slicks

    you selling the AHRMA ride ? Wonder why the switch or going to do both.
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  2. grandpanot

    grandpanot Well-Known Member

    I will definitely hit you up. Want that contingency $ LOL
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  3. grandpanot

    grandpanot Well-Known Member

    Keeping the ktm for sos3 and hopefully sos4 but using the nsf for sos2
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  4. knarlydog

    knarlydog Well-Known Member

    Hey Congrats man! Nice purchase! You are gong to love it!!- Bill/Kramer/125
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  5. tzrider

    tzrider CZrider

    Don't want to sound too dickish but, ....what is this doing in the 2T section??? :D
  6. grandpanot

    grandpanot Well-Known Member

    Fair point, admins can delete if they want
  7. mattys281

    mattys281 Banned

    Man that’s really cool! Congrats!

    I didn’t know rising sun was still around. I can remember them selling stripped down nsr 500s for upwards of $90k way back when. I always wanted one of the factory Yamaha tz250’s they used to sell but never had the money….
  8. grandpanot

    grandpanot Well-Known Member

    Stewart from Rising Sun is very much around! thanks, I always wanted a GP bike and this is as close as I can get! LOL

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