Personal phone use while on the clock.

Discussion in 'General' started by BC, Feb 10, 2022.

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    Good luck, Kane!
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    Ahem, this place would be dead if beebers didn't surf this place at work.
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    I used to.just grab my phone and sit and do nothing too.. phones..sometimes they were so.immersed in thier phones the entire shop.would be dead quiet for like a half hour.. then they'd look at me "so....what are we working on?"
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    Grouper, snapper, hogfish, lobster, jacks, cobia. 90% diving 10% bandit or jigging. Mostly beyond 130' to escape the inshore kooks.
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    Are your trailers GPS-enabled? What type of action can you take when another carrier's tractor pulls your trailer, seen or sight unseen?
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    cool, never thought of commercial spear fishing...

    Knew some commercial fishermen that fished the Ohio river for catfish... they fed a big party of 200 people with two of them! They were way bigger than me, and I’m not small...
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    Dangerous as fuck but it pays good and every day is like being in a Nat Geo docudrama.
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    We did recently switch to keep trucking ELD’s with trailer tracking. We are a niche company hauling food grade commodity so our trailers are specific to that. If a trailer was flat out stolen the best we could do is following the live tracking until it stopped. Aside from that it would be very odd for another carrier to take one of our trailers being as they don’t haul the same thing and the carriers that do run a different setup for unloading.
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    because that’s how you’re wired... I call it multi axis tangent thought process :)

    automotive fields have Specialists that are similar...

    I grew up knowing how to do nearly everything I know before engineering school, got the ME paper, biggest waste of time and money I’ve ever had, and that’s saying something :)... started racing before I started my first job started and never worked a day for anyone else... you’d fit in well in pro racing circles as many similar minds to yours... don’t sweat impressions, keep on keeping on... Kzoo/GR/Holland is where racing happened for me before going pro... cold sucks, travel winters race summers... Miss that time.
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    i have a buddy that’s a fishing guide in the keys and he’s always posting a Mahi mahi or some other $500 fish all the time on his “days off” he sells local and has fun enjoying life more than 95% of the people I know..
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    dude! Not cool! Things have places you know! ;)
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    You sound very Aspergery.
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    Put some of the blame on the ability to Google an answer to just about anything.
    Suddenly, they reached a point where they couldn't do that and needed to learn to figure it out themselves.
    Plus the well-meaning parents who never let their kids suffer from anything building emotional cripples.
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    Trainwreck I could give a heck

    Actually as long as its not like a tool, or something I am currently working on it doesn't bother me. I do however, know where basically everything is in the whole facility for some reason. But I'll forget where I parked my truck if I didn't put it in the same spot every single day. Luckily its a CCLB so its easy to spot after initial panic. lol I did make my wife a little tool box she keeps in the basement.. She never puts my shit back where she got it, and I really didn't wanna yell at her for stupid trivial things, so I solved the problem entirely.

    Yeah, when I was growing up I was fascinated by engineering, motorsports, astrophysics, and physics in general, but especially motorsports. Like almost any and all motorsports. I would rent stacks of engineering shit from the public library and read that while other kids were reading Harry Potter, or whatever was going on. For my 10th birthday I asked for books by Carrol Smith, and my grandma got me "Engineer to Win" I read that thing over and over and over.. I barely understood anything, but eventually as I kept reading it and growing older things started making sense... I have worked with some car racing teams multiple times and its a blast. I would definitely jump on a bike team if ever asked (and the schedules made sense).. I would usually help out while I was building my own time attack car, or if I was running a different series and had a free weekend. My personal business revolves mostly around motorsports safety (roll over/crash protection systems like roll cages and what not) I also do some motorsports fluid/air transfer systems (turbo kits, cooling systems etc) But i have tapered off on that and I help a local business with it when I am asked.

    I had a decent amount of brain scans/mental capacity tests when I was a kid actually. No Aspergers/Spectrum diagnosis.. However, I have had really brutal struggle with ADD/ADHD my whole life. Regardless how some may feel about those disorders, whatever is going on with my brain is distinctly different than a "normal" persons brain. I can tell you a very detailed fact about a car from an obscure racing series 30 years ago.... but my wife is taking me to Italy for the MotoGP Mugello round this year (as well as travel) and I cant for the life of me remember to get everything I need for a god damn passport. I will wake up at 2am and have a panic attack about it, but then forget all about it for 3-4 days.. I have developed a decent amount of mental exercises and routines over the last 25'ish years that have helped and it keeps the dosage of medication lower.. I have been taking amphetamines/dextroamphetamines my entire life basically.. I don't know a ton about physiology, but I'm assuming, 60-75+ years of that isn't going to have any positive effects in my later life.. So doing what I can to keep the dosage low is the main goal. At some points I even have to take it on my "days off" which super sucks because i hate how it makes me feel like whole different person.

    .....Anywayyyyyyy, if you own/operate a business, you need to be doing what you can to facilitate a culture where your employees/executers can develop the skills and methods to do their jobs efficiently, safely, and the confidence to say to themselves "If I wanted to leave this job, I could take these skills and knowledge to another place easily". You then really need to focus on creating an environment where your employees/executors NEVER want to leave, even when shit gets tough for the business. Your trust and support in who ever reports to you, builds loyalty and confidence in regards to how they feel about you.

    As an owner or manager this is what YOUR job should be.

    1. Do my employees know what is expected of them at work?
    2. Do my employees have EVERY tool needed to do their job safely, efficiently, and correctly. (This includes skill, equipment, manpower, and a clear understanding of time needed)
    3. Do my employees feel safe coming to work everyday?
    4. Do I have conversations with my "all stars" regarding their performance? What do I do to recognize that performance?
    5. Do I have anything other than monetary compensation to offer my employees? This could be skills development opportunities, assistance with certifications/education or similar.
    6. How do I have conversations with my employees that aren't effective at their work? Are they in the right position? Would they shine somewhere else?
    6. Do my employees feel like I care about them?

    If you can't answer YES to all of those questions, you need work. If you're a manager who also has a manager, and you don't feel that your manager could answer YES to all of these questions, then you need to have that conversation before you have conversations with your employees. If you don't have everything you need to do your job correctly, you simply cannot expect your employees to be able to execute theirs. There is never anything wrong with "Managing your manager" even its you being managed by what you would deem an "entry level" direct report... If you or your manager disagree with that statement, please pursue a different career path.

    I have never gotten rid of an employee for cell phone usage, who also didn't have another underlying issue. My BEST employees were often on the phone/internet/youtube the most. They figured out how to make what we do work for them, and I would never punish them for that.

    Thank you for reading yet another one of my novels.
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    TL;DR Mr. New Tolstoy. :crackup:
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    Honestly, after reading more, I'm even more inclined to say Asperger Syndrome.
    It sounds like they slapped you on drugs rather than try to deal with the condition.
    I refused to let them do that with my son (an Aspy) and spent our efforts teaching him to deal with his condition.
    It sounds like you spent a lot of your time doing just that but on your own, which is not unusual.
    Can I ask how old you are?
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    That sounds like the dropping of a gauntlet to me. I look forward to the Gorilla George response to you making someone else the "winner" in the Tolstoy class. (SB, not no SS).
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    Broome is a changed man... he got that huge ass kicking on the “like” competition last week, that he didn’t know he was in, and even had a mod kick up the jams with a cool 5k turbo boost and he wasn’t fazed... like I said... hope he’s alright because that’s not normal for him...
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    I feel like I am missing something here.

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