Personal phone use while on the clock.

Discussion in 'General' started by BC, Feb 10, 2022.

  1. BC

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    That all sounds good on paper, but isn't realistic in this job. We are all over the place. One minute working on this or that, then jumping over here to help with this or that, then going back.
    There is no book time for the stuff we do.

    As I said, I don't stand over them and say " That should take 15min" because every task is different even if it's doing the same thing. I let the do their thing.
  2. sheepofblue

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    If it is important call the front office and they will get you.......pre-cell phone procedure.
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    This post of yours is deflecting from accountability!!! I asked you to be accountable on why you typed such things and you called me a cunt. Frustratingly, that’s prob another red flag.

    I get it, self-reflection can be hard. But it’s necessary to improve ourselves as human beings. I thought you intended to try it because you started this thread. But maybe you were only looking for a bunch of ppl to agree with your position.

    I’m self employed and work remotely w a small team. I’ve never yelled at a subordinated and always work with them on their mistakes or lack of skills. If they can’t do the work, I did a shitty job training them and I can’t bill for it. I have been unprofessional with not-subordinates and it’s something I’m trying to work on.
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  4. FastByKids

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    I'm kind of curious of what some of you would do...

    If you are supervising let's say five lines (3 operators per line) to produce widgets. Your expected efficiency is to be at 92% (we allowed 85%). However on your shift you averaged 62% per hour.

    After investigation, it was found the machine was constantly starved. Root cause was, well you guessed it---constant cell phone use.

    Cooperate wants answers because out of four plants, yours isn't producing. And the other plants are working OT to make up for your plants loss. Which now has the added cost of shipping product greater distances.
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  5. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    :crackup::crackup::crackup: I don't know why but that reminded me of people who call you and say "hold on…" when you pick up. I will hang up on a motherfucker. They can call me back when they are ready. :rolleyes:

    I'm intrigued by this. How do you set targets and incentives in the poo business? What if an employee is working in a neighborhood where something in the water is making the dogs constipated?
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  6. Ducati89

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    Shitty retirement packages, shitty healthcare and not so hot wages is going to bring top notch skill?

    You guys are in competition with the government and the gov. has the better package being unemployed.
  7. BC

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  8. BC

    BC Well-Known Member

    I'd go off on them.
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  9. 27

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    it really pissed me off and he was a great worker... but I just gave him the phone... so I could communicate directly with him on jobsites... explained no personal calls during work... walked out the door to tell him something before the crew left and he was on the phone to a buddy yacking it up... I might have let that slide as they weren’t on site yet.. but the “hold on” finger... fuck that... fired... I even had to go run the crew myself that day... cost me time money and hassle and still worth it...

    yeah, if I’m on the phone my full attention was always on the call and getting it done and over with ASAP... I hate that... I do always say “bye” click...
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  10. Saiyan66

    Saiyan66 Stand your ground

    Our policy at work is that when you are clocked in, your phone is on the shelf next to the time clock or in your car. Any phone on person while clocked in is a write up. I tell all my employees that any call coming in to them that is an emergency can come through the business phone and I will gladly come and get them. Only exception to this is expecting parents who could get "the call" at any time that baby is on the way.
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  11. BC

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    On his first check, I gave him an extra $1 per/hr over what we agreed on to take the job. I also added a couple hrs to his check @ time and a 1/2 because I felt like he deserved it. The second week we dumped the scrap metal trailer and I gave him $150 cash (same amount I got), to make him feel like part of the team.
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  12. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

    Revenue generation, pure and simple. When I first started this concept, years ago, base pay was $13/hour. I set the commission rate at 22%, which targeted $60/hour revenue generated ($60x .22=$13.20) if a guy averaged $80/hour revenue generation from the time he started his first yard to the time he finished the last yard, he got paid $17.60 for that elapsed time. I didn't, and still don't, pay for the commute time from their house and back. Everybody has a commute. Base has gone up to 15,and most likely will be going to at least 16 soon just to get bodies. Any further comments on that are dungeon fodder. Thankfully very few customers have been canceling over the increased rates we charge to make up for it.

    Constipated would be great, it's the reverse that sucks. Either way, pay is the same.
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  13. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking The Iron Price

    If you can't figure out a way to structure an incentive plan that's measurable and gets the employees engaged, that's on you. I'd be happy to help if you're interested.

    How do the employees get paid? $25/hour (just making up a number) regardless of their performance or is there a variable component? If you're able to change it to $17/hour fixed and $10/hour variable based on performance, I'd do that. Because it's a team goal, you've not got the benefit of peer pressure where the employees start to self police themselves and if there's a line dragging ass, the other four lines are going to be all over them to pick it up as they're costing everyone money.

    At the end of the day, it's really simple - humans respond to incentives.
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  14. 27

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    Serious Q Auminer... do you base your rates on square footage of yards or by number of dogs or both?

    I’m sure smaller yards are faster even with more dogs as scooping is faster than walking...

    Did you come up with the idea? I’ve never heard of the service you provide but I’m an antisocial recluse so...

    Of all the shit I have to think about actually shit in TX of all things.... I think I’m seeing the graymatter Rot @pickled egg mentioned now...
  15. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    I don't get it. Constipated = no poop = no money. No?
  16. evakat

    evakat Well-Known Member

    And I find it humorous that just by looking at all thw date/times stamp replies to thus thread... half you belly achers are cheating your work places...
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  17. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking The Iron Price

    The way he describes it as "yard" suggests to me that the job is to make sure the yard is clean, regardless of how much shit may have been in it.

    Ergo, a constipated dog would be what he and his workers would prefer.
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  18. rymerc

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    in IT and the financial industry, we wouldn't be able to hire anyone if we didn't allow personal phone use. Hasn't been a problem for 99% of our people- they get their work done and stay late (salary) if they slacked
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  19. stangmx13

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    Thnx for clearing that up
  20. Bruce

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    Are we talking about clock suckers or c@ck suckers? :crackup:

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