Personal phone use while on the clock.

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    Most of you guys are all focusing on the trees but missing the forest. If the employee is paid to be somewhere with no other measures of productivity, then there's always going to be an inherent dissonance between the employee and manager (whose job is to babysit and/or whip the employees into working harder/faster). This is a quite old school management theory, and by definition is going to lead to conflict.

    Smart management aligns the incentives of employees with those of management and designs comp structures that reinforce that, lessening the need for management. It's all about measurable and quantifiable outcomes.

    See: Cortez's comp plan. I'm going to go out on a very sturdy limb and assume that he and his coworkers don't need much oversight, because the comp plan they're on is fully aligned with the rest of the business.
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    Listen cock sleeve, you ain’t the boss of me!
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    thats it man! Cock sleeve it is!!!

    you better bust out your thesaurus egg man!

    Wait... that’s two words.... damn it!!! :)
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    I always like to reward hard work and incentives in certain arenas are hard to build it...

    I’ve gone as far as to time myself on a task with the crew watching and base their pay on completion of that task with same quality... none of them ever beat my time but I’d have been happy if they did... I was always one to lead by example and would often work circles around crews to hopefully inspire them and them know nothing I asked of them was below me... yrmv
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    Mine don`t miss emergencies......we have a shop phone and they are told to have that phone called if emergency...

    problem solved.-
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    Every KPI or Performance/Productivity metric has flaws, relying on one sole KPI for performance only provides a short-term alignment of personal and organizational goals, and at the expense of many other metrics that are vital to the longer term resiliency and health of the organization.
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    Not sure where I suggested using one KPI, as any one KPI in a vacuum can be misleading.

    "Produce X number of widgets an hour".

    If there's no quality metric holding the speed metric accountable, it's a poorly designed incentive plan.

    "Produce X number of widgets an hour with a 98% accuracy rate" is mucho mas better.

    Regarding your balancing of short term and long term goals - that's why you need someone who knows what they're doing in terms of designing the incentive structure.
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    Meh... when i was managing an entire fab shop my policy was simple. If I walk up and you're on your phone I expect 3 things.

    1. Your CNC machine, weld robot, sheet metal laser, or whatever automated process you're doing better be in its automated process (running) My handweld/custom hands on team need to be on pace to make rate for "billable hours".
    2. You better have a less than 1-2% fallout rating for parts you have produced.
    3. your area better be clean as hell.

    If you meet those 3 things, IDGAF if you had a god damn tea party in your work area. This is work not prison. Do your job, and do what you can to enjoy your time here.

    We are at work 1/3rd of our lives (more for a lot of us)

    I canned a few guys for phones, but even if I made the "cell phones are banned" rule, I would have fired them anyway. Good workers are just that. Good. Shit workers are just that. Shit. Making them follow rules around cell phones or music just makes the good ones want to work for you less.

    I had a guy that figured out a way to keep 4 CNC machines running basically all night. he'd do his quality checks, clean up his area, then watch Netflix, or study for some engineering classes he was in. I gave him highly effective reveiws and as much merit increases as HR would let me for 4 years.
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    a dick pic would really convey your
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    They're called smart phones but.....
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    For Gods sake,,, what did we do before 1995? and how the hell we ever made it through world wars and the industrial revolution bewilders me...
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    I agree. When i worked at UPS, we got paid hourly. It didnt matter if you got done early. Most times I did finish about 2 hours ahead of schedule. Do you know what that got me? Another guy's work who was sucking the clock.

    At another UPS location in PA, it was a bonus hub meaning if you had 9 hours of work and got done in 7, you got paid for 9 and the clock suckers stayed out. Most clock suckers didn't exist there because of the incentive.
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    Methamphetamine. :D
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    I don't really have much to add to this, but I wanted to quote it so more people understand how to motivate employees. Just because an employee is on their phone, doesn't mean that they're a shitty employee or doesn't know how to do their job. If I'm going to make $400 busting my ass all day or still make that $400 by doing the bare minimum, then guess what I'll do? The age old tradition of busting your ass just to get paid doodoo ass wages for years on end in hopes that you get that $2/hr more promotion is dead. In my experience, which is strictly in IT, every company promotes internal growth but in reality doesn't do anything besides a 2-3% yearly raise, so you basically get paid the same when adjusted for inflation.

    OP, did you let the new guy know that he was doing a good job for the first month? It's typical for new employees to give it 110% for the first month or two, because they want to prove their worth. But if they don't feel like their good work is being appreciated, whether that be through praise, compensation, or being given higher responsibility, then they'll typically regress to doing the bare minimum. People are all motivated by different things and it's up to the employer to determine what each employee is motivated by.

    If an employer rides the ass of two employees, Bilbo and Jimbo, but Bilbo does twice as much work as Jimbo and Jimbo tries to mentally escape via his phone, does that make Jimbo a bad employee? Not necessarily, no. What if the only work for Bilbo and Jimbo is mopping floors? Bilbo may fucking love to mop floors, but Jimbo doesn't see the point in mopping everyday and would possibly excel if he was challenged by his employer with greater responsibilities. Or maybe Jimbo isn't quite sure he's doing a good job mopping the floors, so he doesn't do as much work because he's concerned with mopping the floors poorly. A simple "Aye fuck yeah Jimbo those some damn good lookin' floors bud!" may get him to match Bilbo's output of floor mopping. Or maybe Jimbo realizes that he'll get paid the same if he mops 1,000 sq/ft of floor space or 10,000 sq/ft in 8 hours. So instead of just an hourly wage for the employees, there could be a work based pay in addition to that. So now Jimbo get's compensated for his 8 hours of work but is also motivated to mop that 10,000 sq/ft since he will be further compensated for that.

    Okay I kinda veered off onto a wild tangent that barely pertains to the current subject, but I spent too long typing this nonsense out to delete it all.

    The potato millennial cruising through the beeb at work.
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    sad that this happens, when i was welding and building grain bins when i was younger.. there were no cell phones. they are nice and make our lives easier, but have created incredible dependencies and problems. The younger generation can't even put them down. We have all seen the "zombie" jokes and memes.
    As some said, it should be a regular policy that NO CELL PHONES are allowed on a job site or many work places..
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    I've used this one,,
    You're laying on the operating table,, about to go under,, you see your doctor over you,,, "texting on his phone"
    how does that make you feel as you slip into unconscious uncertainty ?
    We deserve the same attention and respect, as does the work you're performing here,,,period.
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    He's not texting. He's only finding the open heart surgery walk through video on youtube.
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    BTW, my job was caught up. I was waiting on production to catch me.
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    its always comforting when JockDoc27 comes in to a consult live streaming.... and polls the followers for treatment direction
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    Depends. Is he checking his stocks, or watching a YouTube video on the procedure he’s about to perform?

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