parting out a clean title 2009 gsxr 1000 loaded with brand new parts.

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Supermoto250x, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Supermoto250x

    Supermoto250x Supermoto freak

    To make a long story short, i built this race bike for someone that couldnt end up paying for everything because he was hospitalized. So to help him out i bought the bike from him. All parts are brand new and have never seen the street. Just installed. heres the details on the bike.

    Clean and clear title with 0 miles on the title - 3500.00 shipped
    motor complete with everythinng to mount on a cart kit - 4100.00 shipped Motor has only 900 miles on it.
    Ohlins road and track forks - 1800.00 shipped
    Brembo RCS master cylinder with folding lever - 300.00 shipped
    Yoshimura FULL TI exhaust with CF can - 1100.00 shipped
    PCV - 250.00 shipped
    Autotune - 200.00 shipped
    Ohlins damper - 350.00 shipped
    Ohlins TTX rear shock - 900.00 shipped
    black and silver fairing set in LIKE NEW Condition - 1500.00 shipped with tank and pump
    Other parts are also available once the big dollar items are sold. pm me with what you need and i'll see what i can do for you.

  2. Triple R

    Triple R Well-Known Member

    Do you have the stock calipers? If so ill take em.
  3. Supermoto250x

    Supermoto250x Supermoto freak

    Yes i do. Make me an offer and i may just consider it. Thanks
  4. nywilliezx

    nywilliezx Well-Known Member

    Sell me the whole bike :D
    If he doesn't take the calipers Ill take them
    Unless you wanna sell me those brembos
  5. Supermoto250x

    Supermoto250x Supermoto freak

    I'm parting out the whole bike. I'll sell the whole bike if you wanted but i'll be asking for 14k. If not i can sell the brembo calipers. Make me an offer if you want them
  6. Supermoto250x

    Supermoto250x Supermoto freak

    Still for sale guys
  7. Supermoto250x

    Supermoto250x Supermoto freak

    All these goodies and no one wants them?
  8. Junkie

    Junkie re-tarded

    front fender?
  9. RichMangus

    RichMangus Well-Known Member

    PM price for the engine guards
  10. masshole

    masshole sixoneseven

    Price on the rear brake caliper and mount?
  11. nobill1398

    nobill1398 K7 GSX-R1000

    Price on the mirrors?
  12. Supermoto250x

    Supermoto250x Supermoto freak

    Front fender i'm not parting out as i would like to sell the set as a whole.

    Pm me on the price for the engine guards

    Rear brake caliper with mount 100.00

    mirrors 70.00 shipped. Pm me

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