One of a kind R6 race bike!!!

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by guitarhero, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. guitarhero

    guitarhero Well-Known Member

    Looking to sell this one of a kind together!!! We are giving it 2 weeks to sell whole prior to parting it out. We’ve got multiple people interested in the goodies it’s got.

    *******Asking $12k prior to part out.**********

    Complete and ready to hurt feelings

    This is the most legit bike I’ve come across. Worth well over $25k when assembled in 2010 it took them 2 years to build the bike. This the real deal Holyfield!

    2008 Yamaha YZF-R6 Track Bike/Racing Motorcycle. This has got to be the best example of an R6 track day/racing motorcycle in existance. This is as close as you can get to owning your own MOTO2 grand prix bike. Bike is in perfect condition, has approx. 2500 miles on it. It has been meticulously cared for. Motor is completely stock, oil change after EVERY ride. The aftermarket parts on this bike add up to over $19,000.00. Bike has been a dedicated track bike since it was bought in 2008. Please review the list of what is on this bike below:

    OZ aluminum racing wheels
    Brembo CNC billet front calipers
    Brembo T-Drive front rotors
    Speigler brake lines front/rear
    Carbon fiber front and rear fenders
    Ohlins FGRT front forks
    Attach Performance adjustable triple clamps
    Graves clip-ons
    Brembo RCS master cylinder with remote adjuster
    AIM MXL data logger/timer
    AIM suspension potentiometers front/reara and gyroscope
    Ohlins TTX rear shock absorber
    Graves adjustable rearsets
    HM electronic shifter
    Yoyodyne slipper clutch
    Yamaha YEC ECM & racing harness
    Dynojet on the fly fuel management
    Quick change axles front/rear
    Sharkscinz body work
    Ohlins steering damper
    Graves billet magneto and clutch covers
    Graves rear shock adjustable linkage
    Light weight battery
    520 chain and aluminum driven sprocket
    Titanium fasters everywhere
    Samco coolant hoses
    Additional radiator

    Can also adjust price if certain parts arent needed (wheels/aim/quick change)

    Contact me with any additional questions.

    Randy 6619023651

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  2. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    Great bike....
  3. Sean P

    Sean P Member

    "Worth well over $25k when assembled in 2010" 9 years ago. "Motor is completely stock" and yet "This is as close as you can get to owning your own MOTO2 grand prix bike"

    Good luck with sale. Saw how well the post did in TDJ, wouldn't expect much help here either.
  4. busa99

    busa99 Well-Known Member

    You Just joined, 2 posts and you feel the need to trash someone’s thread. I will never understand the guys that do that. If you feel it’s too much and not for you click on another thread. Why trash someone else’s ad? I can’t tell you how many times I have read an ad for something and thought to myself “what is this guy smoking. No way a flux capacitor is worth that much” but I would NEVER ruin his sale thread when I have no skin in the game.
    FYI: I don’t even know the OP or bike. I just wanted to point out that’s not the best way to start your Beeb career.
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  5. Sean P

    Sean P Member

    Sorry, sir. I'll go make more sensible comments elsewhere so I can work on my rep around here. Get to that "well known" status before I start telling people they're asking too much money.

    OP, you may want to include your location.
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  6. rafa

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  7. Davet111

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    Good luck with the part out!
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  8. BROsiah

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  9. mouimet

    mouimet Well-Known Member

    Why not just keep up what you are doing and elevate your douchebag status? It's working for you so far. Not sure anyone wants or needs your input or advise on their purchases.
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  10. Tristan

    Tristan Well-Known Member

    It's a dick move regardless of your "rep" or post count. Sadly, there's some long timers here that just don't fucking get it either.
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  11. Sean P

    Sean P Member

    If no one said "you're asking too much money" this would be just another thread of the seller by himself saying



  12. JCW

    JCW Well-Known Member

    TDJ is so bad, it's the only facebook group I've ever bothered to leave...

  13. Davet111

    Davet111 New Member

    So I guess we respect the guy trying to price gouge, and show none to those who are gullible enough to get screwed?

    Quite the community.
  14. K51000

    K51000 Banned

    Oh no you didn't! I know you didn't dis the beeb!
  15. JCW

    JCW Well-Known Member

    He's only price gouging if you actually are required or obliged or forced to buy it...
    It's a free market, he can charge what he wants and you can buy it or not.

    If this place turns into TDJ's, it will be the ultimate shame...
    You wanna talk about "quite the community."
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  16. Davet111

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    Oh the irony. Carry on.
  17. JTRC51

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    Everyone needs to be heard nowadays... Even when they just window shop or have nothing valuable to add... SMH..

    Don't like the bike? can't afford it? think it's overpriced? good for you.. Find another or stick with what you have, why even bother commenting like it's going to change the guy's mind and make him sell it to you or anyone else for less (??).. lmao.
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  18. MXjunky

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    RACER JIM Active Member

    wow just wow
  20. is the bike still for sale? where are you located?

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