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Discussion in 'Tech' started by fullmetalF4i, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. fullmetalF4i

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    Hoping any guys with 600rr knowledge will be able to help me
    I've got an 05 600RR and I need a shock. Ive found one for the 04 model but when i look at the Ohlins website there are 2 different model numbers for the 03-04 and the 05-06 bikes. Ive read that the stock shocks from the 03-04 and 05-06 are interchangeable, so I was wondering the the Ohlins shocks would be the same and if there are any differences in them
    They both seem to have the same components (S46PR1C2LS) but just have different model numbers (HO301 for the 03-04 and HO502 for the 05-06)
    thanks for your help guys
  2. some guy #2

    some guy #2 Well-Known Member

    My buddy ran a 03-04 Ohlins PRX on his 05-06 with no problems.
  3. dcemotorsports

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    The HO 301 will fit on an '05 600RR but there are differences in the valving between applications. Ohlins is constantly evolving and improving their products for popular model bikes. That being said, the HO 5021 is the latest revision for the '05 600RR.
  4. Yoyo

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    I have an new in box 03/04 fork kit (FGK 113 ) for cheap if anyone wants it
  5. CNI Dawg

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    PM sent
  6. Jason748

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    This... valving is the difference.

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