Oh Greta, you're a mess.

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Spang308, Sep 24, 2019.

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    FFS...watching that little twit is like watching Evil Hermione Granger.... (for all you Harry Potter fans ;):D) Is she the captain of the Junior Euro-Psycho Club???
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    Just need the 9 year straw report writer.
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    Left out she is a dropout with a mental handicap...... The one on the right, the one on the left is just mental.
  5. RRP

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    What a looney...

    Edit - what an absolute fucking looney...
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    She is High Functioning Autistic and OCD. I have a family member with the same diagnosis. What most don't understand about people like her, is that they become hyperfocused on subjects and changing their mind is almost impossible if they believe something. Her speech is not an act, she really believes this. The sad part of all this is that she is being used as a human shield by predator people with an agenda. When she finds out later that she has been lied to by a climate death cult, she will not deal with it very well...I mean really not well. She already has extreme anxiety about this fake crisis and that is why she's doing this.

    Anxiety and obsession about a subject are normal for someone with this diagnosis. What she needs is therapy, not validation of her anxiety especially when it's a damn lie. This makes me sad and angry. Poor girl.
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    Her Mom is a published climate activist. There is zero chance of her ever being told the truth. She will live out her entire life believing in the climate boogie man.
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    If this is the truly the situation (not doubting you, just the main stream), then someone(s) deserve a serious ass kicking.
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    She put in a good effort. But I still think Joaquin Phoenix is going to win the Oscar once the reviews on Joker come out.
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    They keep saying she sailed to the United States alone. But I didn't see one single photo of her trimming a sail. They've all been a little misleading making it seem like she soloed. She's no Laura Dekker.

    She can keep yapping.about climate change with the rest of the idtios who yap from the other side. At some point someone's actually going to try to figure out something to address what's happening.
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    I thought it went without saying.
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