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Discussion in 'General' started by Mongo, May 13, 2009.

  1. SPL170db

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    the New Star Wars episode 9 trailer finally dropped...I can’t hear it here at COTA but the comments sound pleased

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  2. tzrider

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    Having given up the ghost for a while on this franchise may perhaps bias my impressions that I hear from other remaining fans.

    Aren't these SW movies getting worse and worse, peppered once in a while with 'not-so-bad-ones'?....
  3. Jedb

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    Rogue One was the last Star Wars one worth watching.
    Gritty, well done, and a generally no-name cast did a good job creating the movie.

    Solo was so/so.
    Episode 8 was less than meh
    Episode 9 looks like a re-hash of Revenge of the Jedi, with some family hugging mixed within.
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  6. blkduc

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    Good to hear, it was the last one I watched. It was my second favorite of all next to the original.
  7. Fonda Dix

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    Looks like the same Mary Sue stuff to me. Lando is as fat as Vince Neil.
  8. Jedb

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    I know this is in the Star Wars thread, for me:

    Star Wars (original)
    Empire Strikes Back
    Revenge of the Jedi (original name before they went with "Return"
    Rogue One
    <mid size gap>
    Episode 7
    Han Solo flick
    <large gap>
    Episode 8
    <large gap>
    prequel bullshit 3, any order
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    But you did and you laughed.

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