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Discussion in 'General' started by Mongo, May 13, 2009.

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    Thanks for posting-I haven't seen this. My team played against Barry in HS. I was a sophomore when he was a senior, so I didn't get a lot of play time in the varsity games, but even from the sidelines it was incredible to watch him. He is still humble to this day and is a very genuine guy.
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    His humbleness is one of the reasons I liked him. I can't stand all the showing off crap (Dion Sanders).

    I really wish he would have not retired so early but I understand why.
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    The sandblaster, the golf clubs, the wiring, shock mounts, the "toolbox"... This guys material is gold man! Love it!
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    I was teaching my daughter the beauty of YouTube fails. We found a couple of oldies but goodies.

    Ladder #1

    Ladder #2
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    #1 is possibly one of my favorite videos ever. What makes it even more spectacular is that the dude never stops selling. Even after the camera cuts away, he just doesn't accept failure.
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    Plumber's putty and a cork!
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    Phil Taylor vs. Michael VanGerwen in the Premier League 2013 finals....

    If you've never watched professional darts, check it out! :cool:

    At least watch the opening...the scenery isn't terrible.
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