Ocasio-Cortez and HQ2...showing how dumb she is every day

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by D-Zum, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. cav115

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    Could you at least let the rest of us get our insults in before you bury it? :D
  2. RRP

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    This is fitting for pretty much any scenario.
  3. Woofentino Pugr

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    No he's an exceptional one. :D
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  4. Mongo

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    Meh, his problem is he's not a moron and comparing two pictures without a lot of data truly doesn't mean diddly squat about the oceans levels. Y'all need to chill, he's not saying climate change is manmade or the like, just that the observation made about grandmas seawall proves as much as any of the computer models that said we'd all be frozen or drowned by now.
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  5. dsapsis

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    Shhhh. I'm waiting for Junior to play Chief, and post up these here invalidating pictures...
  6. TXFZ1

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    He is requesting the scientific method applied to anecdotal evidence. Like you say, it is just an observation and proves nothing but requesting the deviations used is a little overkill in my opinion. Just call him a liar and be done with it.
  7. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    It's his way of pointing out that it's anecdotal and not evidence :D

    I can appreciate the game playing even though I tend to go the short route myself.
  8. YamahaRick

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    I could not find the mini AOC thread but wanted to post this.

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    We should just cancel all debt, why not. That will dump so much money into the economy.

    Just let me know ahead of time so I can buy a lake house and some toys.
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  11. Fonda Dix

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    Debt will only be canceled for those who parrot the leftist, seditious talking points. All others can pound sand (and pay the bill).
  12. sharkattack

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    Sounds like a plan! I could use a lake house and some more toys!
  13. Banditracer

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    Looks like she gets to stand in front of a judge for ignoring the law.

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  14. gixxerreese

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    I saw that, I like how she says it’s different then Trump these people aren’t trying to debate. They are being mean and just saying bad stuff. Uhh isn’t that the same thing trump did was block the hate and you guys raised hell and sued and now your upset that you have to follow that same laws.
    I hope people can see that these are the same communist of old. It’s always do as I say not as I do with these tyrants. Why any free person would vote for a master is beyond me.
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    blkduc no time for jibba jabba

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  20. Knotcher

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    I’m sure it’s fake.

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