Ocasio-Cortez and HQ2...showing how dumb she is every day

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by D-Zum, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Spang308

    Spang308 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I find her amusing, but not in the least bit hot. Horse teeth, crazy eyes, bat shit crazy with a 3rd grade mentality.
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  2. blkduc

    blkduc no time for jibba jabba

    Damn! You ain't kiddin'.
  3. blkduc

    blkduc no time for jibba jabba

    I did not read the green plan but I'm guessing it involves giving Suzuki a 1 lap head start in every race?
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  4. cav115

    cav115 Well-Known Member

    `Zukis`s in deep shit, lost their "performance welfare' for this season. :D
  5. 600 dbl are

    600 dbl are Shake Zoola the mic rula

    Gentlemen please take note. This is what happens to your brain when you haven't touched a vagina in a decade.

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  6. sheepofblue

    sheepofblue Well-Known Member

    The ocean train is probably more realistic than rebuilding every building in the country in 10 years. Sad part is she has people joining with her. At least the flip over Guam moron was not joined by others in his party.
  7. 600 dbl are

    600 dbl are Shake Zoola the mic rula

    He was reelected? :confused:
  8. G 97

    G 97 What's my name

    Didn’t the state of NY implemented something like this on retirees who worked in NY then moved to Florida when they retired. IIRC, NY filed suit claiming since the retirees had earned the money while working and living in NY that NY was rightfull to tax these monies from those retirees even though they no longer resided in NY. Not sure how it ended up.

    On a more local and similar situation, a long standing business located in the Quad Cities on the Illinois side, pulled up stakes and moved across the river into Iowa because of Illinois high business taxes etc.
  9. sheepofblue

    sheepofblue Well-Known Member

    Then they all move to Atlanta and vote for Democrats. I call them locusts.
  10. sheepofblue

    sheepofblue Well-Known Member

    Start drinking and you would be in.
  11. Pittenger5

    Pittenger5 Well-Known Member

    Hey, they also move to Texas.
  12. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

    Those white boys are thinking about her policies :crackup: Dude second from the left needs to wipe the slobber off his mouth.
    Yeah, they look totally disgusted to me. :rolleyes: Continue your circle jerk lol.

  13. G 97

    G 97 What's my name

    Don’t play this off as if, all of a sudden you have standards.
    None of my business if your focus is towards the young men and their supposed drooling. What ever floats your boat. :D
  14. blkduc

    blkduc no time for jibba jabba

    Look closer...their eyes are not on her.
  15. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe What's my move?

    This is the same bunch of clowns who still think Sarah Palin is hot so I'm not surprised at all lol.
  16. Britt

    Britt MotoBigots Suck

    Not all guys can pull 9's & 10's, that is why there's 6, 7, 8's
  17. G 97

    G 97 What's my name

    Naw, I have my milf Iowa Senator, Joni. LOL.

  18. Funkm05

    Funkm05 Dork

    Did you even look at Elizabeth??
  19. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex’s Crew Chief

    Sorry Toe. Dumb isn’t sexy. No matter how big the boobies are and round the booty is.


    She’s a Congressional Representative not a Senator. Maybe next semester in a class on Government you can sit with her. Then you will both know how our Democracy works.
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  20. D-Zum

    D-Zum Alex’s Crew Chief

    For the record, I was corrected recently on the length of Congressional Reps terms.

    I'm just bustin balls here..not trying to get personal on the 'Toe.

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