Newb to racing.need advice and help

Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by R6newb, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. R6newb

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    Hey sup,

    I am a very new racer to Wera, I want to race next year and currently own a r6. I am looking for a race bike, but more importantly anyone have any advice for someone in the Midwest to go to get some practice racing this Fall. I am a newb to racing and want to race Wera and will also try racing in the CRA.
    I know I need a race / track bike but anyone have any advice for someone who wants to race and needs help. Winter is approaching and ill need to get some classes this winter might think about Cali. But yeah I'm just looking for help with this since I'm new.
    Thanks everyone.
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  2. RRP

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    No sure about your specific location but you mentioned Midwest/Winter/racing and that combination is a no go.

    If you're on the west coast that's your best bet for anything after October and before February. Get with Zoran and the TWF (Twin Works Factory) crew - a wealth of information.

    Email for race org information.

    Also, check out the website - and (seriously) read the rulebook.

    Racebike choice - I will tell you an SV but I'm an "LW monkey" but their cheap and available. :D

    That's what I got - take it with a grain of salt.

    Specific locations on where you are at will help with suggestions I think. Also experience etc.

    Prepare to be broke.:D
  3. mpusch

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    Why not race the bike you have?
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  4. R6newb

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    Cause its just a bike I use for riding id still like to ride it on the street.
  5. R6newb

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    Thanks for the info.I'm hoping that I will get into racing by 2019.

    As far as location.....I'm in Minnesota.

    So yeah its far from alot of wera events but I can travel.

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