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    OK, the world is now officially spinning out of control. There is a need to get this sh*t under control. I'm sure there are many contributing factors. I choose to blame social media as a significant contributor. I get over whelmed with negative images of all sorts from all sides of the spectrum. It colors my perception of reality. There are so many portals for this stuff that I can't help but believe that it affects others in the same way.
    The only answer I can come up with is to turn off the TV, shut down the computer (but here I am!) and go back out in the barn and bury my head into one of my stalled projects. I'm going to try this and see how it goes.....
  2. Mongo

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    Strict gun laws prevent that kind of evil shit. Oh wait....

    There have alway been evil people, they have always done evil things. The reasons are varied but the reality is usually that they are evil and the reasons they give are nothing more than excuses or at most just a trigger for an already fucked up person.
  3. blkduc

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    Funny, this is the most peaceful and civilized time on this rock. Any student of history knows this. Read the Old Testament if you want to see fucked up.
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    Evil begets evil. How many huge mass shooting have been propagated by Islamic terrorists against The West?
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    You ain't going no where bro.:D
  7. Mongo

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    Not remotely a viable excuse. Just wow. You're the one going on about how cops shouldn't ever shoot bad guys and now you're excusing a fucking nutcase for killing more than 40 people? What is wrong with you?
  8. In Your Corner

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    Where did he excuse it?
    He just explained it.
  9. Mongo

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    You as usual don't quite understand how the language works...
  10. In Your Corner

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  11. SPL170db

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    This situation in NZ is absolutely horrific, but I think you answered your own question here. I say that because I've often thought about it myself many times.

    I don't know that the world is any more evil or violent in this current day and age, the problem is that we are all hyper-connected via the internet and can literally have live first person video of an atrocity that's being committed in real-time being displayed in the palm of our hand if we so desire. When at any other time in history was that ever even possible.....NEVER! So we are constantly being made aware of every shitty act of human garbage right away. Makes it hard to think that there's anything but bad news, because bad news gets ratings. Always remember who is feeding you this constant stream of controlled media, and what its intended purpose is.

    The world has become a much smaller place in the last generation or 2. I wonder if this guy would have done this 2 days ago when Facebook was having problems and he couldn't have live streamed it like he did?
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  12. ryoung57

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    What part of that makes you think it's an excuse? :eek: It's commentary on the absurdness of the extremists on both sides. Every time one of those shootings happened in Europe or over here, I said it's only a matter of time before some whacko starts killing Muslims in response. Here it is.
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    Wow, that video is horrific and so sad. Very surreal, almost like watching someone live stream a video game. The woman laying shot in the street crying help me, and that evil twisted fucker just shoots her. There are some sick fucks out there.
  14. blkduc

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    Read this because it won't be on the MSM.

    The killer had a 74 pg manifesto. In it he explains his motivation and why he used guns. This will not get MSM media coverage but I find it interesting because this is my theory behind the Vegas shooter. On a micro scale, totally anecdotal level, both massacres appear to work towards the intended agenda. Look at this forum, the OP is calling for a knee jerk "gotta do something" solution and we had the same thing after Vegas. Dzum had the same panicked reaction and was willing to hand over his rights to "do something, anything!".

    Just observing...very interesting.
    EDIT: Hey D, not trying to pick a fight at all my man. I'm observing how that smart rational people can be motivated by horrible events. I remember how that the Vegas massacre hit you hard and that's not an attack on your character, rather it shows you have a damn big heart.
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    You watched it? It's funny you comment on the video game. I've said over and over again that those games are primers/training for these mass shootings. They numb the brain to the violence and reduce the fear of consequences. Add in some anti-depressants for the "who gives a shit" attitude, and you've got yourself a mass murderer waiting for a trigger.
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  16. 88/532

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    Exactly why I’m not surprised. Attacks like this have usually been Muslims doing the attacking. It was a matter of time before someone unhinged from the otherside so to speak let fly. Imo, it will happen again as more and more people are watching their respective countries change...and not usually for the better.
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  17. jrsamples

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    There's a whole bunch of that which won't reach the left new agency.
  18. Steeltoe

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    This is all Candace Owens's fault.

    Meanwhile over 530 people were murdered in Chicago last year.
    But that headline doesn't sell ads.
  19. Banditracer

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  20. cav115

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    Don`t buy that.

    People raised by good parents aren`t persuaded. We have a lack of good family, and in turn, a lack of good people. IMO.

    We watched all kinds of movies a lot more gruesome than todays. Never considered shooting someone. Regardless how pissed.
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