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Discussion in 'Information For New Racers' started by mag, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. mag

    mag Well-Known Member

    Decided to race wera this year for first time. wanted to see how many other new racers there will be, type of bike, which classes and at which tracks. Anyone else?
  2. anupe

    anupe Searching for consistency

    Good thread, but why would you not start it out by filling in your information?
  3. mag

    mag Well-Known Member


    aprilia rsvr. Gonna run A, B, HWT and F1. Will start at Tally coming up but doubt the bike will be ready by then.
  4. Mechdziner714

    Mechdziner714 More Gas Less Brakes

    It would be smarter & cheaper to start to start on something smaller like an ex250/500 or an SV. Do you have any track experience?
  5. Gorilla

    Gorilla Let me push on that bitch

    Yes, it will make you faster in the long run plus it's cheaper :up:
  6. KillaR6

    KillaR6 I'm Going to be a DAD!

    Other liter bikes will eat you alive. Smaller is better when starting out.
  7. Commander_Chaos

    Commander_Chaos Hillbilly Genius

  8. mag

    mag Well-Known Member

  9. jimraynor21

    jimraynor21 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys. Got my Prov. Novice at the end of last year.

    Ive got a little FZR600, probably going to run V6 HW, V7 HW and V7MW so I can get out there for more than one race. I plan on going to Summit in April, hoping to go to Mid Ohio and Ill definitely be at Beaverun & Nelson Ledges because they are a very short drive for me.

    Cant WAIT
  10. madboosties

    madboosties Well-Known Member

    Provisional Novice here with a 05R1. Ill be at Autoclub Speedway, Vegas, and maybe Button Willow. Running A superstock & superbike, and maybe F1
  11. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    WOW...this guy doesn't mess around:up:
  12. madboosties

    madboosties Well-Known Member

    ^^^ Just trying to get my feet wet. I cant remember the last time I had so much fun!
  13. wesmith443

    wesmith443 Member

    Thinking about getting my provisional license at VIR in March but definitely this year. Mid-Atlantic region. Will run my 06 zx6. Been strictly a track rider for a couple years.

    What's the average temp for VIR early March?
  14. jsmalnar

    jsmalnar III_I

    I plan on getting my provisional at VIR in March as well. Are you going to do the Race School on Saturday if go? Looking to run an R6, C SS/SB Northeast. I'm out of Frederick, let me know if you're interested in trailering down together to share costs. :up:
  15. jsmalnar

    jsmalnar III_I

  16. wesmith443

    wesmith443 Member

    Yeah I would be doing the saturday race school. PM sent.
  17. six4six

    six4six professionalgreasemonkey

    I was lookiing at getting my prov at VIR also. I have my certificate so I don't need to go to the school. If you guys go let me know. I am a little further west. I had ruled it out earlier, scared of getting all the way down there and the weather sucking. However in the company of two other rookies it may be worth it. Regardless I will be at summit in April.
  18. bteachey85

    bteachey85 Honda


    Hey guys where did you find the information to get your license so you can start racing for WERA? Id like to join you for the VIR class. Let me know.
  19. vance

    vance *

    I started on an 06R1. It ended disasterously, but I'm an idiot...:crackup:
    Be safe and have fun.:up:
  20. vance

    vance *

    I'm trying to remember if I filled them out before I went or if I filled them out at the Ed Bargy school the Friday before...
    I'm thinking you can fill them out when you get there.

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