nervous newcomer wondering what to expect

Discussion in 'General' started by Razor Shines, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. Razor Shines

    Razor Shines eliminate the bush cartel

    I signed up for the Bargy school may 8th. Never been on a race track before.

    Is it possible to get your racing license on your first time out? Is this expecting too much?

    Do I need to get some race tires? What requirements are there for earning a license to race in WERA?
  2. Fuzzy317

    Fuzzy317 a Crash Truck near you

    If you pass the class you are qualified for a provisional license with WERA

    DOT tires fairly new are fine.

    completing an approved race school (Bargy is one such school) you can apply for a provisional license. Then after completion of 2 race weekends, you can apply for a race license.
  3. SpEd

    SpEd poor impulse control

    Re: Re: nervous newcomer wondering what to expect

    Actually the bargy class counts as one weekend. You only have to complete an additional weekend of racing to get a real license.
  4. Bad Iguana

    Bad Iguana Well-Known Member

    Ed will tell you to get real race tires. I agree with him. At your first school you probably will not be going fast enough to exceed the limits of good street tires, but you never know. The first 3 finishers in the mock race at the end of the day ought to be on race rubber - you could be one of them. I crashed in a Team Hammer school when the street tires I was on lost traction. The chief instructor told me I probably would have made it on race rubber - they don't let go as suddenly.
  5. LMcCurdy

    LMcCurdy Antique

    Invest in the race tires. You'll have more fun and confidence with new race rubber under you.
  6. GypsyRacing

    GypsyRacing V7 Gypsy

    I bought some old FZR rims from a guy off ebay.........they had some decent looking tread on the tires still mounted. I figured I didn't want to waste money on tires for school. I thought they would pass me for a PN if I didn't crash and just stayed smooth on my little FZR 400.

    About mid day an instructor came up to me and said..........if you want a PN license you have to pick up the pace or no deal.

    So much for my cheap skate approach to tires............I figured I was going to crash on these old tires if I pushed it...........but if I didn't push it I would not pass.

    Oh well...........he goes! No crash, got faster............everyone was happy..............but man I was really nervous not knowing the condition of the used tires I was pushing.

    Get new tires..........start out on the right foot. If there is a problem you know it is the rider and not the gear......I raced slicks my entire first year on my lightweight racer. If you want to use your bike for dual duty...............get some good race compound DOT's and go play.

    Have fun, there is lots to learn!

  7. G Dawg

    G Dawg Broken Member

    If you can not afford new tires,you might be able to find some good takeoffs.
    Inquire about this in the wanted to buy section.Include what make and model you bike is.
  8. RCjohn

    RCjohn Killin machine.

    It is not at all reaching to expect to receive a competition level cert following Ed's class. I did. ;)

    One way to look at the tire situation is that it is one less thing to think about at the track. There will be alot of stuff going through your head anyway. That being said, I would have done fine on street tires myself but that isn't the case for everyone. You can still learn everything you need and still be at a pace within the capability of todays performance street tires(Diablos, D208, etc.).

    Good luck, it is an adreniline rush for sure. Different and much better than the street. :cool:
  9. edlaw13

    edlaw13 Bells Honda Racing

    if u want to save on tires run metzler sportec m-1s they are really good for the track i have ran them at putnam(1.23s)north florida(1.29s) and talladega(1.05s) with no problems at all they are a good alternative to race tires.
  10. Razor Shines

    Razor Shines eliminate the bush cartel

    Thanks for the advice everybody. I appreciate it.
    I have a new set of Sportec M1's set aside. Having them mounted the day before the school. I was hoping they would be OK since I'm used to them. Was kinda apprehensive about using a race tire because I've never used them before.

    Are there usually vendors there selling/mounting race tires? Maybe I could get something like the 208GP's and save the Sportecs for my street riding. How much does it cost to have a set of those mounted? I've already spent a fortune on leathers, boots and gloves and the prices I've seen for race rubber on the 'Net are pretty high.

    Thanks for taking the time to give your advice.:beer:
  11. Kendall

    Kendall Well-Known Member

    My advice:

    Get to the track early the morning of your class! You do not want to be rushing around. You need to be thinking about riding the bike.

    Good luck and have fun.....don't ask Ed stupid questions as he will just look at you funny and keep talking. :)
  12. skillets

    skillets Gunnin' for terrance

    I just did my first weekend. I have 2 words. THE BOMB
  13. GKing

    GKing Well-Known Member

    You ain't seen nothing yet about spending money! :wow:

    When people find out you're racing they ask two questions: How fast do you go? How much does it cost?

    How fast? Don't care. Don't want to know.

    How much? Doesn't matter. If you need it you'll figure out a way to get it. Worth every penny. :clap: :D
  14. Razor Shines

    Razor Shines eliminate the bush cartel

    So basically quit worrying and just ride the sumbitch?
  15. Kevin Crauswell

    Kevin Crauswell Well-Known Member

    The best advise to you sir :
    Relax have fun enjoy the day smile alot !
    ( the first class i took ,,, 40+ people all with
    shit eatn' smiles all day long ! it was great.
    i took Jason Pridmore's Star school. advance ridding.
  16. BiZ

    BiZ a matter of weight ratios

    As a first year racer with 2 race weekends under my belt, my advice to you would be to have your bike ready one week in advance. Then, offer free beer on this BBS to any racer who'll come over and give your bike the once over. That way you'll have plenty of time to do all the stuff you figured no one would see, or had no clue about in the first place.

    PS: Make sure the beer is cold, that way they'll focus more on the consumption of the free beer, then on nit-picking the bike.

    PPS: Do some track days. I did 16 last year, and words cannot describe how much better prepared I was to go racing because of the track time.
  17. RZ Racer

    RZ Racer It passed tech LAST time!

    Show up w/ the new tires on. They're fine for learning/ track days. You won't really depreciate their street life because you'll mostly only put wear on them in places that never get used on the street. Next time you race, spring for some good race compound tires. There's really not that much noticable difference in the handling charecteristics, just more grip. (a lot!!)
  18. Razor Shines

    Razor Shines eliminate the bush cartel

    What psi should the tires have in them? I noticed on the Bargy site that they want you to have them at mfr. suggested 36f/42r settings.:eek: Those settings seem high to me.
  19. RZ Racer

    RZ Racer It passed tech LAST time!

    Talk to the tire guy for a definitve answer, but most race tires are run around 28-31.
  20. Kevin Crauswell

    Kevin Crauswell Well-Known Member

    I have always run Dunlop slicks : medium compound
    front and rear. Tire pressure : 31psi front and rear.
    What is your weight plus the bike ? That my factor
    tire performance also. Low pressure = more heat.
    GoodLuck !

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