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Discussion in 'General' started by motion, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. trancework

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    Sorry for your loss. :(
  2. pfhenry

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    The Preghh kitten is now at ease. RIP.
  3. motion


    RIP prehhgh kitty :(
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  4. motion


    We were hoping our 2nd cat, Kiki would hang on for quite a long time, but it doesn't seem like she will. My wife read that when cats are extremely close, the surviving cat usually goes within a few months, and here we are. Kiki stopped eating and drinking willfully about a week ago. During the past few weeks we've taken her in for exams and blood tests. It looks like kidney failure. She's dropping weight very quickly, and is now under 4 lbs. We give her a subcutaneous 100ml dose of electrolytes daily, and feed her water with a syringe. She can't walk or stand. I guess she's too weak and has some neurological damage. She does seem to be comfortable and not in pain, so we will keep trying to get things into her, but I don't know how long she can last. Maybe a few more days. If we see any evidence of pain or discomfort, we'll have the mobile vet come to our home for euthanasia. With good fortune, she will pass in her sleep comfortably. I love this little thing so much. She's been my little girl for the past 15 years, since my wife and her 2 cats came into my life. Sad days :(


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  5. Jedb

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    Sorry to hear this @motion
    Hug them while you can.
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    One of our guys has kidney failure too. We also give him subcutaneous shots daily. There's only one thing he'll eat. Temptations treats. Doubt they're the answer but worth a shot with KiKi.
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  7. Yzasserina

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    Terribly sad. :( Gerber's baby food (the meats) fresh sardines and brie cheese for cats who are powering down, if they'll still eat.
  8. motion


    Gerbers baby food and Temptations have been a staple for the past couple months. No interest now and she doesn't have the strength for chewing on solid food.
  9. pfhenry

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    :( sorry to hear bud.
  10. G 97

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    Sorry to hear man.
  11. drop

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    We are a cat family. My and my girls first cat together was our first present to each other when we got together. That cat held us together when we were at our worse. We lost her about 2 years ago and still to this day, it hurts . We rescued a couple more. Our kitties are rescues. Always have been and will always be.
  12. pfhenry

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    You got any unofficial names for that fluff monster?
  13. motion



    The Kiks, pumpkin kitty, little lion, dads little girl, sweetheart... goes on and on.

    She joined her sister yesterday afternoon. Man, I never thought I would have to go thru something this difficult. Thanks for everyone's support. Means a hell of a lot.
  14. Yzasserina

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  15. rob linders

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    Sorry motion.
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    Sorry Motion. That is incredibly sad.
    At least she had love right til the end.
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  17. HPPT

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    Very sorry for your loss, man.
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  18. cha0s#242

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    Sorry for your kitties, bro.
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    Sorry for the loss.
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  20. R Acree

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    Sorry about your cat.
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