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    Ok guys/gals,

    We've updated the N2 Racing site http://www.n2racing.org/ with the latest information on each round, updated rules for the Ultra-Lightweight class and making preparations for next month's big event. Pricing and a link to the endurance form is also available. Once completed, please send to WERA via e-mail or fax it to them.

    The 3-day event will run similar to last year's event at PittRace:

    Friday's Schedule:

    7:00 - 8:00a Tech + Registration
    8:15 Rider's Meeting
    9:00a - Noon Morning Sessions (A, I, N - 20 minutes each)
    Noon - 1:00p Lunch
    1:00 - 5:0p Afternoon Sessions​

    Here's a link to the schedule Sean put together: http://www.n2racing.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/njmp052817.pdf

    Really looking forward to seeing WERA at NJMP for the first time. Who says pigs can't fly?

    The first round will be part of NJMP's Festival of Speed and will feature a 2-hour air show mid-day while the Blue Angels do their thing. Should be quite a show.

    If you have ANY questions, post up here or send a message to support@n2td.org, we'll get you sorted. There's been some chat about creating a section/forum where riders can find teammates, etc.

    Going to be a great year for endurance! Big thanks to E. and Sean for working to make this happen!


    Rob ..

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    Why ya gotta have Aaron in that photo? :D
  3. rob92

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    He wouldn't have it any other way...
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  4. talber8

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    How is the purse broken down this year?
  5. JBall

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    If we enter in one class and then change later (not sure what bike we are running yet) do we still keep our starting position?

    Also, just as a suggestion, think about keeping some of the purse as a points fund to pay out at the end of the three races. This would give some incentive to teams to run the whole series.

    Glad to see this come back this year, and looking forward to going to a new track (for me) in New Jersey!
  6. Mongo

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    We're actually thinking about doing grids based on practice times.
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  7. isxlow

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    This is going to be the coolest thing this season!! Lots of seat time and fun with the teams!! Rob, I sent you an email. :P
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  8. regularguy

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    We're ready.
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  9. Mongo

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  10. xbikeracer41

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    Anyone need a quick ass rider I am about 30 mins away from NJMP
  11. Peanut

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    Uh, last minute decision to come up, anyone need a rider, (prefer sv) let me know. Thanks.
    message or email peanut.brown@cox.net
  12. regularguy

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    Thanks N2 and WERA for a great event. Mother nature was kind enough to give us a dry track for the 4 hour. Thanks to all the teams for racing safely and keeping us green for the entire 4 hours. Looking forward to PIRC and VIR.
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