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    loved watching the twins race. I missed it saturday but sunday for sure Barney was on a roll. I noticed that he wasn't driving quite as hard off the 10a/b section after he had a bit of a lead. short shifting and just not hammering like the other bikes. especially noticeable at the end when he came up on backmarkers and would pin it coming out of 10b going up the hill, blew by the backmarkers. Yes he's fast and would be up front and winning on anything that's competitive but from my perspective watching the race on sunday, the duck has a decent amount more power than any of the other bikes. Maybe it's just more midrange but for sure when he got on the gas fully, nothing else would keep up and there's no drafting going up the hill out of 10b. :) Will wait and see how the next round or two goes but I think that's a hard package to beat right now.

    overall the weekend was great. I took my daughter and a friend of hers Sunday and they had a great time. Lots of things to keep them entertained and the rider signing/fan walk was a way to get them interested in the riders. decent turnout, so that was good. took me almost 30 minutes to get in the gate on saturday.
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    Yep, Rocco is just that much faster. His dad Stoney has done it right and instead of pushing for Europe or just doing pro races, Rocco has spent the last couple few years hitting every possible roadrace he could on any size track running as many classes as possible for track time. It absolutely shows and I've seen his progression over the last 2 for sure if not 3 (they run together after a while). He's the real deal and is constantly working and learning. Upside for the Junior Cup is I don't think he'll stay small enough to stick there more than this season :D

    Overall on the racing and especially the coverage, it looked better because of the amazing battle for second/third and that is what they showed. That battle both days was some of if not the best racing all weekend, that is why it stands out over the other classes. Same as people talking about Moto3 or Moto2 after an event.
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    It's professional racing so yeah, the fashion police are important and a good looking paddock is extremely important in selling the product to the fans and sponsors. This is the entertainment industry when you're at that level and crap piles in the paddock or on track isn't entertaining.
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    They do and there is a lot of leeway but it is still an entertainment product they are selling and looks are important. Not talking about Kris' repaired bike and dented tank, that is a racing thing and everyone gets that (although the bodywork falling off both days is a bit much).
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    There are already people who keep an eye on that kind of thing as it truly is important.

    Not one single team would survive that scrutiny :crackup:
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    Totally figured that - you've done this too long to have something like that take you out of the entire race. Don't fault you for it as much as just don't like that it happened. Hope that the things working since Sunday will help you have the spares you need!
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    We've made a few changes (keeping more stuff in the trailer) and added a couple simple things (tablecloths, EZUP walls) that have really improved our pit. It definitely matters especially when looking for sponsors.
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    Okay. Now maybe all the twins only talk has died down.
    Now I can ask. How did your picks go? And please don’t start another twins only discussion.
    I didn’t do that good. Maybe just one right. Stock 1000.
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    To soon to start the definition of pro debate again lol
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    BTW - professional racers have problems too. :crackup:

    I was one of three crash trucks there all weekend.
    Friday - I drove 14 miles and picked up 2 bikes
    Saturday - I drove 13.7 miles and picked up 11 bikes (one was just moving from tech to their pit)
    Sunday - I drove 12.5 miles and picked up 5 bikes
    total 40.2 miles, 18 bikes
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    Do you get paid by the mile? :D
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    ^^^^ This right here. The Duc has no more HP than any of the other well prepped SV's or Yamahas. It is 395 LB with the LW wheels, though. Pretty simple build, actually. A little bird told me that it has more grunt at low RPM coming off the slower corners.

    I'm glad to see the "usual suspects" were able to show why they are the top guys, no matter who else shows up. Twins class is real!

    As far as the professionalism of the teams, I don't know why nobody wants to call a spade a spade, but it's basically one team that showed up late with a bunch of Yamahas as bare frames. It looked like they were struggling to get some bikes ready. No idea what the inside scoop is. Almost everyone else looked pretty professional IMO. More than half of our track time was in the rain, pushing for Q times. There were crashes. So yeah, some people's bodywork wasn't the best. But for the most part people showed up looking the part.

    Streaming package: I'm actually blown away how good the coverage is. The announcers have done their homework, had backstories about everyone, even the backmarkers!
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    I'd say I did pretty good (aside from twins, which I have little knowledge)

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    How was the coverage on Motoamerica video live plus super duper?
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    Did you say twins? Well I got 1 of my twins picks right. So what else you wanna talk about concerning twins? :D
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    Ok part of that article does feel like a bit of a stretch. Saying the motor is basically stock... I was one of the first ones to say I’m not so sure that duc is as overpowered as some others seem to think it is. But saying it’s close to stock is a bit much. I don’t know what they did or didn’t do to it but it isn’t moving that fast down the back straight or running consistent 35s on a basically stock motor. That things got at least 20 hp over stock.

    And 15 different brands? I’m not sure I can even name 15 different brands of bikes without getting into some legit vintage shit.
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    Absolutely amazing how good it was.
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    Not sure about the 15 brands but I did see him race a Honda NSR500 at Homestead in the late 90's. He won of course.
  20. It’s extremely important, at every level. At clean and organized pit just makes sense. You are working on motorcycles that go very fast and mistakes can be very costly (and I’m not just taking $). Usually disorganized chaos is what leads to mistakes. Hard to tell if you left a bolt out when you have 20 others laying on the ground. People laugh at me how I do simple things like change a wheel. I do the same thing every time, the same way, put the bolts, axle, tools etc in the same places every time and do the same sequence. For me that becomes even more important when changing someone else’s because their life (and those around them on the track and maybe off) are in your hands. Plus what does it show to fans when there’s a bunch of shit laying everywhere, people looking unprofessional, etc. You are in a sport that part of that sport is entertainment. I always use Eddie Kraft as the example that even at a club level, looking and acting professional goes a long way. Being fast is just one part, and in a lot of cases a lot smaller part of the equation of sponsor $. If you have someone who is fast as f&ck but their pits are a disaster, they and their crew look like a distaster are you really going to want your name slapped on their leathers?
    I also understand spares are not unlimited, stuff doesn’t arrive in time when you get bikes late, etc. I’m not referring to stuff like that. Sometimes you have to do what it takes to get a bike out there. It may not be pretty but as long as it’s safe it often makes for a good story. I’m talking about the preverbial shit show and you see it more than you’d like to. You don’t have to spend a lot of $, none really to look professional. You don’t need super high end stuff, just keep it somewhat tidy.
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