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Discussion in 'General' started by renegade17, Apr 3, 2019.

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    I bought the MALive+, I did debate for a while but I figured WTH. Not at all sorry I did! Great racing, very little streaming problems. I don't get Fox Sports on my packages and didn't feel the need to upgrade for what I'd get. BeIN was pretty good last year but it was limited coverage and honestly, how many new viewers do you expect to get when almost everything else on that network was soccer? Back a few years ago, tv was king. Streaming is almost anywhere you want if you try to find it.

    I seriously don't get some of you guys and your short memories. Does anyone remember the shit show called DMG?! In the short time MotoAmerica has been in place I see nothing but positives for American racing. They stepped into a pile of shit and started digging out. All I can say is bravo!
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    Well that kinda sucks I’m sure he will get better I am a fan of the Yamahas so was hoping cam would take the win but if I had to guess it would be cam or elias.
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    Not gold... not Silver but Brass...... I am sorry but Green was annoying as Shit on that PA... I don’t care for him at all..I did like Greg and Jason though.. Greg did a good job this race IMO.. Congrats to Parish and crew as well as Everyone else in the Twins class.. That Duc has a clear advantage.. Either I hope to see more of them or have it gone.. great to see Rhett in the 1000 class and Andrew Bowen in the Supersport as well.. everyone rode their asses off and had tough conditions in Practice..
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    Also...Jonathan Greene did a great job as a last-minute stand in. The dude's a total (and very knowledgeable) hype man.

    EDIT: Sorry, Marc.:D
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  6. TLR67

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    Good... it’s ok... he can stand in anytime...

    As long as he has a sock in his Mouth....
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    How was Escalante not penalized? Why was Gerloff not black flagged?

    Oh wait, this isn't MotoGP. Nevermind.
  9. redtailracing

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    Anymore info on this?
  10. redtailracing

    redtailracing gone tuna fishin'

    Green is the only commentator I outright can’t stand. He is absolutely horrific to say the least. When Scott Russell was in the booth and everyone complained, I was cool with it. His accent didn’t bother me and he’s plenty knowledgeable. Same with any other commentators. I’ve been good with em all and the Brit’s definitely add a nice level of excitement. But JG is a blithering idiot.

    As far as the duc, I think it’s honestly hard to say. Parrish and Draik are my homies and I’ll be pulling for them to 1,2 all season. Hell, they’re the reason I finally made it back to spectate some pro races last year. But I’m not convinced the Duc is a ringer yet. I’m not saying that it’s not. But just spectating it’s hard to tell. Trap speeds weren’t that different. But you can’t take anything away from Barney. Dudes a hell of a rider as his accolades show. I have no doubt it’s every bit as capable as any bike on that grid. But I’ll wait to pass judgment on whether it’s a ringer. If anything, it’s going to be low and midrange where it has the advantage. No replacement for displacement.
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  11. MXjunky

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    Live+ completely delivered. Best racing coverage for American racing in 10+ years. The announcers really stepped up their game all around. Not to mention the racing was fuckn fantastic all weekend. I was streaming on my TV, Laptop in the basement, and on my phone when I was running errands. No issues at all, great quality, and plenty of content. The Superbike class took the cake though. Bummer about Herrin in Race1 but he was pushing that bike hard. Gerloff got shafted, Beubs ran a veterans race.....Twins class was sweet Barnes is a fuckn amazing talent but I think that MotoCorse Duc had a little extra in Also did anybody else notice all the AP Moto Arts bikes showed up to the track in pieces??? WTF
  12. Pneumatico Delle Vittorie

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    Give some credit to a fuckin' still fast as shit 50 yr old Daytona 200 winner that was asked to ride a new bike in the twins class.

    Put Barney on an SV and he would have done the same! Remember old age and treachery will always overcome youth and enthusiasm!
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  13. notbostrom

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    Any reason ma can't post their own results on their own website till the following week
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    I'm glad I ponied up the $70. First race weekend is always going to have a few bugs so I wasn't too bothered by some mute scenes and a few glitches here and there. Hell even MotoGP drops the ball and from time to time
  15. r6boater

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    Thanks for all the kind words fellas.

    Draik has been busting his butt this off season and has quite the fire in his belly.

    We did have a big learning curve this weekend and thus was only his 4th weekend on this platform and we are still working out some bugs.

    I do believe the trap speed as he got a good drive and the draft from hammer that lap. He also has a fast bike and Draik was doing 140mph without the draft yesterday. We did some more tuning between races.

    He probably lost some top end later in the race since we had an "in development" airbox issue that will be resolved before next round.

    Live and learn... and get some more laps...

    Thanks again all!
  16. kenessex

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    So have we all decided that the Ducati must be a cheater since Barnes best lap was .25 sec faster than Parrish's? You all know that Road Atlanta is a Ducati track, wait until they get to VIR, then we"ll see. Seems like a lot of idle speculation based on the first weekend of the season.
  17. Don’t think anyone said it’s illegal, just damn fast. Edit: aero package? That’s a stretch.
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  18. regularguy

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    Thursday evening, we were the last to go thru tech with the 180 bike. We got our tech sticker, and then the tech inspector said we will get DQd in qual because our Brembo was not on the list of approved parts for twins. It turns out none of the aftermarket manufacturers submitted their master cylinders for twins cup. The ruling was that any master from any homologated bike in any class is legal. We purchased a R1 master from John Dunham at the track. I had 3 issues with this ruling:
    1. We were the only team to be notified and we were the last team thru tech.
    2. None of the aftermarket master cylinders were legal in 2018, but they never enforced the rule.
    3. The 2019 list of approved parts was only updated about 5 weeks ago and it is incomplete. There is no section for twins for suspension components.
    The M4 team called Brembo and tried to get the paperwork done. Brembo contracted MotoAmerica and MA told Brembo no way would it happen this weekend. The tech director told me the suspense date had past for submitting items for 2019, but the MA big wigs had final decision and they may let them in. No idea if it will happen in time for VIR..
  19. regularguy

    regularguy Always Krispy

    Anyone know what master cylinder comes on a Panigale R? Doesn't the 675R Triumph come with a bad ass brembo?
  20. The R comes with the good one, not the full on gp spec one but IIRC the decent billet one. Not sure about the triumph.

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