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    Hey guys im kinda new to Wera and I have a dumb question. Im currently planning on running the Sportsman series in Vintage V8 this season. But I noticed the mini racing and thought racing my Kx 80 looks like it could be really fun. Now dumb question is, is the mini series Only ran at the challenge series events?. So if im running sportsman series I wouldn't be able to race the 80 any right? I would need to go to a completely different event? Or are the two events sometime ran together? . Looks like sportsman series and challenge series are both at Road Atlanta next month, is it just 2 events in one wkend, how does that work?
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    Minis are not raced at all the tracks. To see where they are normally ran, take a look at the schedules from last year here:

    Minis are not ran at Road Atlanta. For example: look at schedules from Talladega for "Grom Cup & WERA Minis ".
    Most times on combined sportsman/challenge weekends, usually its sportsman on Saturday, and challenge on Sunday (but there are exceptions occasionally)
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