Lightweight Motorcycle Crates Pallets for Shipping / Storage / Display

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    Located in Elmhurst, IL - 30 minutes outside of Chicago.

    3 lightweight motorcycle crates/pallets
    These have forklift-holes in the bottom to be lifted and moved, can add casters for mobility.
    2 smaller, 1 wider.
    Motorcycle is pictured on smaller sized one.
    Looking for $200 for each


    Easy disassembly.
    Used for motorcycle shipping, storage, display.
    Wheel channel w strap down points all over.

    Stackable for motorcycle transport, storage, and display.

    Can look awesome painted a color with some casters/wheels added for display/storage.

    Can add plywood walls for long term security, or WINTER STORAGE.

    These were used to ship new Triumph race motorcycles to the USA.

    These fit any Yamaha Ducati Suzuki BMW Kawasaki Honda Zero Triumph Aprilia KTM maybe Harley

    3 available
    smaller ones:
    87 L x 30.75 W x 49 H (exterior dimensions)
    I make no fitment guarantees but you can always remove motor bar ends to narrow a bike a little.

    Album of crate photos:
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  2. Ride Fast

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    I am very interested in one of your larger crates. I am trying to set up a crate to ship my Harley Superglide to and from FL. Please give me a call at 262-903- 26 zero zero at your convenience. I am just across the state line in Wisconsin. I hope all is well.

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