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Discussion in 'General' started by bullockcm, Jun 24, 2021.

  1. bullockcm

    bullockcm Well-Known Member

    Youngest, almost 6, decided it was time for dirt biking to click finally and watching him you would never believe he has only been riding for a couple of days. He has had a good helmet all along but held off on the rest since they grow so fast. Older brother is still super cautious so haven't gone beyond boots and helmet with him so no handy me downs yet. I have never been very serious offroad riding so never went beyond boots myself. What is a good kids setup, what parts and pieces are good for them to have?

    Anybody have stuff left over that kids have outgrown? New is not important as again they grow so fast sometimes stuff ends up hardly being used.
  2. eggfooyoung

    eggfooyoung You no eat more!

  3. RS250Ape

    RS250Ape Well-Known Member

    Have everything. Been trying to sell. PM me.
  4. bullockcm

    bullockcm Well-Known Member

    Little one, almost 6, is 46" tall, 45lbs, size 1 shoe. Is wearing mostly 5T size cloths.

    Big one, almost 10 is 54", 70lbs, size 4.5 shoe. In size 8 clothes, wife tells me they don't make size 9. 10-12 stuff is to big now but if you are reading this then you know that can change in a hurry.
  5. pickled egg

    pickled egg If you don’t hear from me

    Holy hell, my kids are Amazonian!
  6. bullockcm

    bullockcm Well-Known Member

    No kidding... my niece who turns 3 soon is almost as big as my little one. And just to get it out of the way before someone asks... I am fairly certain my wife has never met DaveK
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  7. eggfooyoung

    eggfooyoung You no eat more!

    Neck collar
    Goggles with removable lenses
    Knee guards
    Elbow guards
    Long riding socks

    In order of importance, in my opinion.

    Thought I had boots for you, but I do not.
  8. eggfooyoung

    eggfooyoung You no eat more!

    Eddie is about to be 8, and is the same size.
  9. nigel smith

    nigel smith Well-Known Member

    Where are you? I have stuff from age 6 to 13. MX, flattrack, and roadrace. Needs to go but shipping is a hassle.
  10. elvee

    elvee Well-Known Member

    Following. My 8 year old is taking the MSF dirt bike intro class on Sunday. We'll see how he feels about motorcycles after that. He's been riding on the street bike with me for a while, and wants to find out about being in control.
  11. pickled egg

    pickled egg If you don’t hear from me

    I need to be in line here. Got a size 6 and a size 10-12 kidlets, with size 11Y and I wanna say size 4 shoes...
  12. Let me look what I have as I’m sure I have probably all minus helmet (won’t even give away ole helmets).
  13. nigel smith

    nigel smith Well-Known Member

    For little kids on little bikes, I figure an old helmet is better than no helmet. I see too many kids riding without one.
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  14. Agree with that or nothing. Bought a few over COVID shutdown for kids in my hood who’s parents have more money than they know what to do with but no common sense. I did however somewhat bill the parents :)
  15. turner38

    turner38 Well-Known Member

    Kinda depends on the Kid, A GOOD helmet Like a Fly Formula Carbon that is light weight and has the little orange things that help disperse blows, Good Gloves and Boots, knee PADS and a Chest protector or armor suit if you can find one to fit and it is a cooler area. Pretty much the same as a Adult.
    If the kid had a abnormally long neck I would add a neck collar. If he is normal I wouldn’t. Too restrictive for most.
  16. bullockcm

    bullockcm Well-Known Member

    Nigel, I am in NY so it would need to be shipped.

    Appreciate the feedback, gives me a good starting point on what to look for.
  17. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Well-Known Member

    Looks like we are n the same boat except in my case it's the grand kids. She is 9, 4'10" bean pole and rides a Kawi 110 (I keep it in first gear, though she knows about 2nd and 3rd). He is 6, about 3'10" and a future wrestler type build. He pins the PW50 for all it's worth. Will block pass his sister all while laughing and gesturing for her to hurry up. I have them helmets, lousy boots and gloves. Seriously need to up the protection as they are beginning to scare me. His favorite move is to pin it up the gravel driveway and lock the rear brake, skidding to the 10 foot sideways stop.
  18. Ya the MIPS technology seems to work well. I’ve seen two that have done exactly what they are supposed to do. Even though I’m an Arai guy that Fly Carbon is a great value.
  19. Boman Forklift

    Boman Forklift Well-Known Member

    FWIW, if that 110 is an auto like the CRF50, you might try putting it in 2nd? When Ty started riding his 50, someone suggested that to us, and it helped since the bike wasn't nearly as torquey when he was trying to take of and learn throttle control. I remember it seemed like his head was whipping back and forth when giving gas and then letting off the gas in first gear. He was only 5 so I'm sure that huge helmet didn't help either. LOL
  20. elvee

    elvee Well-Known Member

    So we are at the Honda training facility in Alpharetta and are 2 1/2 hours in. Now in the market for kids small heat and size 2 boots. Whatcha got?

    this is going to get expensive. I’m so excited!
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