Kevin Schwantz school opinions?

Discussion in 'General' started by Robert, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. Robert

    Robert Flies all green 'n buzzin

    Does anyone have firsthand opinions (ok, secondhand too) about Kevin Schwantz' school? Other than it's extremely expensive.

    I am wondering how well they cater to different levels of riders and do they let many bring their own racebikes?
  2. Stimy25

    Stimy25 Well-Known Member

    Theres an article about it in this months Cycle World.
  3. dave333

    dave333 traveler

    They divide the class into two groups. Beginner and Crazies. You can learn a lot from the class, I did. It is really advertised toward improving your street riding skills, check their website and literature. It really isn't a racer school. I did focus on Kevin's comments and the other racer's instructions/insights which helped me out a lot with race technique. It is at Road Atlanta and they teach you how to be faster on that track. That kinda sounds like a racer school to me, but I guess they don't want to scare away the average joe street rider types... My first track day back after the school I was MUCH faster, according to the crew I pit with. Kevin is a really cool down to earth guy. How often will you get the chance to be out on the track with the Schwantz man?
  4. 1slowguy

    1slowguy Well-Known Member

    Great school

    The school Is great, yet a bit pricey. You will be very tired at the end of the day. There were two groups and there was about a 3 to 1 student to instructor ratio. I got lots of one on one attention. I would do it again, If I had the money.
  5. SpongeBob WeaselPants

    SpongeBob WeaselPants Bohemian Ass-Clown

    watch out for some instructor named Tom... he farts a lot [​IMG]
  6. mad brad

    mad brad Guest

    it sucks you can't ride your own bike though. unless it is a suzuki.
  7. WERA29

    WERA29 On a mental field trip...

    Only at the Bargy School. I don't teach with KSSS. :p
  8. Robert

    Robert Flies all green 'n buzzin

    You probably wouldn't remember an 80lb. short haired blonde Canadian named Chris? Anyway she's a friend now living in Alabama, took the Bargy school at Talledega and said she had a great time
  9. RPatch

    RPatch Well-Known Member

    I thought the school gave the most useful information of the schools that I've been to presented in a way that one might actually be able to absorb. Also, lots of track time and individual attention.

    I took it in the spring and there were others using their personal non-Suzuki motorcycle.

    I belive all the dates in 2002 are filled and they've RAISED the prices for 2003.

    Robert Patch
  10. gixer1100

    gixer1100 CEREAL KILLER

    a canadian girl racing at talladega, i am there fairly ofetn for track days etc. what part of canada is she from (ontario? your site seems to be based on that)
  11. WERA29

    WERA29 On a mental field trip...

    Was it this past August? Was she riding an F4, the same one that had some overheating problems early in the day? :confused:

    If it was, that was a busy weekend as we had to break the school up into 2 track groups since it was so full. Even my bike overheated before lunch and wouldn't pull much over 11K. It was stinking hot that weekend! :eek:
  12. As far as the school being good, I have only heard from one of the AMA racers that is a instructor there. As for the bikes I have contacted them at the school and was told that you can only ride a Suzuki either your own or one of theirs and this is because the school is sponsored by Suzuki. That was my main problem was if I was going to learn how to go faster I thought it would be better taught if I was on my bike that I'm racing and used to instead of having to spend half or more of the day just learning a new bike. If I have the spare money saved up by next spring I may attend we'll have to see then I guess.
  13. Robert

    Robert Flies all green 'n buzzin

    That'd be the one, an F4i. Anyway she still had fun.
  14. Robert

    Robert Flies all green 'n buzzin

    If the bikes are set-up properly I normally don't care that much which 600 is supplied by a school. In fact, I find it only takes a session or two to get used to the bike. I've ridden all 4 makes several times each at various track schools. Admittedly I preferred the R6 a teeny bit, as that is my streetbike.

    But now I am racing an SV I'd like to stick with the v-twin and, a) I don't want to ride one with stock suspension or non-race rubber, b) KSSS is very expensive so I could save some bucks. Guess I will have to actually call them. :eek:

    I'm still on crutches at the moment so if I do this, it would be in March. There is a 2 day and a 1 day school running back to back.
  15. David Swarts

    David Swarts Well-Known Member

    There is an article about the Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School in the November issue of Roadracing World.
  16. No Brakes

    No Brakes Well-Known Member

    wera122 wrote:
    Only at the Bargy School. I don't teach with KSSS.

    Will you be teaching at NFMP on the 18th? A couple friends and I will be attending the racing school?
  17. WERA29

    WERA29 On a mental field trip...

    Peddle your wares elsewhere! :p

  18. WERA29

    WERA29 On a mental field trip...

    Nope, I'll be at home that weekend chilling out before the GNF.

    I'll be teaching at TGPR on Nov 2nd & 3rd and will be back at NFMP for the January Bargy school if they hold it there again. 2003 dates haven't been confirmed yet but Ed will get them up on the website as soon as they are.

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