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  1. I have a Jackson I bought used, made a carbon mount for a very small trolling motor for when I’m lazy. It’s for my “pond” at the end of my street, it’s a no fishing boat deal but then be if very large bass that are usually in the back corner about 2000 yards from where you can get to on the bank. Good seats a must. Good rod holders if you are like me and bring as many as you can. I have buddies who are die hard kayakers and they found me this used. I bought a used carbon paddle too mainly because it’s carbin :)
  2. Scotty87

    Scotty87 Lacks accountability

    How do you deal with the paddle while fishing? I thought foot pedals were a must on a fishing canoe?
  3. biggenyz426

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    Paddle a little, fish a little. Really, it's not difficult. If you're on flat water in a small lake or a slow river you can even pull your bow in one direction or another just by fishing action.
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    Set it across your lap, or they have clips that it can clip into along the side. I've tried fishing out of a kayak, but it didn't do much for me. I have a nice 14' canoe, and prefer it over the kayak. But I'd rather just be in a boat. Plus, the way some guys outfit these kayaks with motors, electronics, etc you could buy a good used boat for that kind of $$.

    We had a sportspal back when I was a kid, and I remember going out one time by myself and hooking into a big pike. I was about 12/13, weighed nothing, in a canoe that was essentially a foam lined beer can. I fought that fish for what must have been 30 minutes before I just cut the line and paddled home. It dragged me all over the place lol.
  5. With a name like Dubeau you better damn well have a wood canoe :) Key to a kayak on small flat water ponds/ very small lakes is to get one with enough room for what you are doing with it. I’m 6’3” and bring at least 4 rods with me. I’ll usually paddle into the wind to where I want to start then the wind helps me drift and use the rudder and occasional paddle which tucks in beside me to guide me where I want to keep moving to. I bass fish so rarely in one spot more than a couple minutes if I don’t catch anything. Took a bit of practice to get stand up type accuracy with s bsitcaster sitting in a kayak but I’ve git it pretty dialed now. I will use a drop shot every once and a while if I see the fish hanging in the right spot, especially this time of year. Fish are about to start getting more active, horny n hungry so dishing will pick up soon.
    And yes even for this small body of water I use electronics :)

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    I got a new baitcaster for the first time in at least 15 years. I got a Daiwa Lexa 300 WN. Back in the day reels were so much harder to palm. Now with the offset and lowered gearboxes, a 300 size reel is easier to palm than a 200 used to be. Also my first reel with more than two ball bearings. It's crazy how smooth it is, especially on the cast. I've got it on a heavy power swimbait rod rated 1-4 oz, but it threw everything from 1/2 oz to 3 oz with ease, which makes me happy. I wanted a combo I could throw heavy bass lures and light musky lures on. The rod isn't ideal for lures that light, but it'll do the job if I'm only wanting to carry one rod. It's pretty forgiving to cast. If the line starts to puff out on a cast it gives you plenty of time to reign it in with the thumb. This is my first reel with mag braking, don't know if that's why it's so forgiving.
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    Was it a Supra Comp? or Rider? He may have told ya 50 but it wasn't 50... Upper 40's at best with the Big block in either of those hulls... I had a 84 Rider and it wouldn't see 42 with the 351. Even my 90 190 Mastercraft wouldn't peak over 46.. I needed every MPH and weight savings in boat to barefoot too..
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    Went musky fishing for a couple of hours today. Had one follow. Got to see another that was spawning. Pretty cool to see. No bites though. Such a frustrating fish to chase.
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    Think I’m pulling my boat out of storage next week. Been sustained 30’s lately, forecast for 50’s next. I’m so over ice fishing lol.
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    What gloves are you guys wearing for cold and then if it ever get hot again here.. lol
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    Gloves? Suck it up, Nancy-boy.
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    Put the ice fishing shack in my storage unit today, fucking felt great. :D

    Pre-spawn happening yet for you down south guys?
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    Pre spawn happening. Musky spawn just starting. I had five more musky encounters today. At least 3 of the 5 were the same fish. One follower. No bites.
  14. Just a sampler from Daytona, will post more later. Not easy landing a fish from the walkway. It’s a good 10’ up.

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  15. Look at the belly’s on bass above ;-)
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    Bit the bullet today and bought the bass pro gortex bibs and parka. I'm still crying but I can get out when it's cold, raining, and windy. Again what the hell did I get into... hahah
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    Dude you are running the trifecta of money sucks. Fishing, golf, and motorcycles. :D

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