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Discussion in 'General' started by assjuice cyrus, Jun 18, 2018.

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    Ya know it is a close race between fishing and golf in the amount of utter BS crap they try to sell you to improve your game/catch more fish.
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    And I do both of those sports..:crackup::crackup:
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    I need a cheat sheet.:D
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  5. Ya. Barometer is one factor of many. Some of the best fish I’ve ever caught were times you were “supposed” to catch anything.
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    Look out, now. Just sold my boat last night. Bout time I might be looking to upgrade to full retard. :D
  7. I've been going full stupid with a boat, but its not mine so that makes it ok. Been using an "old" 2018 Ranger with a 320xs, I mean 250xs :) Garmin electronics are insane on it but I still don't have much better luck than fishing from a jon boat.
  8. Funkm05

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    Truth be told, I’m more looking to upgrade my motor than anything. Mostly fishing, but I’d like to be able to pull double duty and use it to pull a tube at the family lake house once in a while. I figure a 200 hp outboard should do nicely. Nothing wrong with pulling a tube at 60, right? :D
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    This sounds like what my dad and I used to do. In fact, we used to rent and would load everything into the back of our old 70s station wagon.
  10. I think I may pick up a fish/ ski Ranger. The lauyout doesn’t bother me for fishing like it does for some people and a fishing boat is a 1 trick pony. I don’t need one for water sports, I have friends with proper purpose built boats for that more just getting a-b with more than 2/3 people really limits you and becomes a pain when out fishing. Take boat out, go get other boat, load up family, hang out, drop off family, go get other boat
  11. Funkm05

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    Truthfully, I’m really leaning towards a Crestliner Fish Hawk 1750 with a 115 on it. Meets all my wants/needs. Main role is fishing, but more than capable of skiing/tubing, basic cruising with a few when the time calls for it.
  12. I can afford one of each but truthfully it’s a waste of money. For tournaments I’m in a new boat anyways and a decent fish/ ski with a Mercedes or Yamaha 200+ will fit the bill just fine. 99% of the time when I’m on my boat I fish a,one because of my stupid work hours, plus the fish/ ski is a bit better when I bring the little guy fishing. But a Bullet with a 250 would be fun.
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    A fish n ski will be my next boat for sure. Might sell the toon this year and get one. It would be everything I want/need from a boat. And I'll be able to take it to different lakes a bit easier than a 24' pontoon lol. Was thinking about doing it in a couple years anyway, but didn't really use the toon as much as I thought I would last year, and probably wont again this year. I'd get more use out of a fish n ski.
  14. I’m just thinking it’s a good excuse. Catch anything? Nope, I was out tubing. Alone? Yep :)
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  15. R1M370

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    I regret selling this one years ago, fun even if the fish wouldnt bite lol. 2005 Stroker w/ Mercury 300x. Resizer_15512058057360.JPG Resizer_15512058057361.JPG
  16. sharkattack

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    Back in the day, a buddy had a Supra ski boat with a 454 in it. We’d ski at crazy speeds, many times in the 50s. I recall trying out a new slalom ski that weekend. I also recall wiping out at about 50 or so. The folks in the boat said I looked like a rock someone had thrown, trying to see how many skips they could get. That was a rough spill, but nothing a few beers and some time on the Air Chair couldn’t cure.
  17. 50 on an inboard ski boat? You ever get a TICKET on a cbr1000 by chance ? :)
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  18. sharkattack

    sharkattack I love Trap Bar deadlifts!

    R1, R6, FZR1000, GSX-R750/1000, ZX-10 (among others)...yes. CBR1000? Nope.
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    I love my 19’ Nitro with just the Optimax 115 on the back. Yeah, more would be cooler but this is enough for the little lakes I fish and the boat is small enough to get me up close to docks for flipping and shit easily. I think my next boat will be a center console all fiberglass type, like a Carolina Skiff.

    I’m looking at fishing kayaks at the moment, there’s quite a few ‘no motor’ lakes and ponds around me I’d like to hit. What is there to know about them? Any ‘must haves’?
  20. An electric motor :)

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