Joey is going out for football again.

Discussion in 'General' started by dtalbott, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Agreed. Lots of sensitive fat people in here for sure.

    The boys are way way way overweight - even for their overall size. Given that I'm 6'4" and 350 I have pretty damned good idea of reality. When I was 240 and trying to get into the National Guard I was slightly overweight but according to their figures obese - which I wasn't. However the kids in this case ain't that close right now.

    Yeah it sucks to have it pointed out but a lot of people sadly just don't see it in family, Darrins response kind of proves that...
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    When I read this I did it in Cliff Clavins Voice as your Avatar pic. Perfect...
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  3. dtalbott

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    No, sir.

    My response was based on the fact that I see them three days a month. I can advise them, but that's about it.
  4. 418

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    Giving "advice" about other people's kids is stepping on a landmine in best of circumstances.

    Yes they're big. It's not a death sentence like she made it out to be.
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  5. BC

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    Regardless of the accuracy of the message the delivery sucks.

    All the fluff before the negatives indicated she knew it.
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    My very best friend growing up and all the way up until his death was a heavy guy. When he hit 25 he started putting weight on really quicky. When he died at age 39 he weighed 765 lbs. You can say it wasn't the place for it, or that the delivery was poor, or that it's nobodies business but, it most certainly is a dangerous, even deadly condition. To say it isn't is ridiculous. My friend was a great guy...loved the outdoors, loved motorcycles, had a great sense of humor, and would do anything for anybody. I didn't pretend it was okay and often tried to offer help or words of encouragement towards addressing the issue. He would talk about it but then never do anything about it. I am not judging Darrin or his kids. They are people with feelings just like the rest of us and none of us are perfect. But, it most certainly is a serious issue.
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  7. 418

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    And there is a million heavy guys that are Darrin's kids size that are completely fine but we're not gonna talk about that...

    This logic is the equivalent of "I know somebody that died on a motorcycle, you ride a motorcycle so you're gonna die".

    And sounds like your friend had other medical issues like thyroid, etc.
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  8. condon66

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    Thyroid my ass. He had high b/p and diabetes and died of a heart-attack. Do you think all the data out there which comes from real knowledge and records and studies from hospitals, Drs, you think all the knowledge on the effects of obesity are just made up? And do you know what percentage of obese people actually have a thyroid issue?
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  9. 418

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    Thyroid issues cause obesity, this is a known medical fact. Normal people don't get to 765lbs. If you don't know this we have nothing to discuss.

    Of course with obesity there is a higher chance of heart disease, diabetes, etc. but she made it sound as if they're guaranteed to have these issues just because they're fat. They're not.

    The chances are higher but to make it sound like every fat person has medical issues is flat inaccurate and peddled on the internet like a fact.
  10. condon66

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    To address your idea that heavy people have a thyroid issue, it is predicted that in 2020 77% of the population will be overweight or obese. 16% of the population have thyroid issues.
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  11. condon66

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    Thyroid issues can also cause people to lose weight. Did you know that?
  12. 418

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    You're a deflecting nicely. I'm done here.
  13. dtalbott

    dtalbott Driving somewhere, hauling something.

    I just had my CDL physical. I have put on 25 pounds in the last year, now 268. I smoke two packs a day.

    BP is 110/80.
  14. dtalbott

    dtalbott Driving somewhere, hauling something.

    I feel better about Joey now that he is in the football program.

    I feel better about Christopher now that he is back at school with easy access to a gym, running trails, and people to run with. He'll lose the weight he put on over a lazy summer.

    I'm not worried about Nathan yet.
  15. condon66

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    I think where she was coming from was she felt like people were talking about how big the boy is like it's impressive, which, at 6'8", yes, that's pretty gd impressive, but she felt like those people weren't considering the extra weight as something deserving attention. But anayway, I wish Darrin and his boys all the best as I do anybody here.
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  16. condon66

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    Deflecting lol?? It's all good! Cheers!
  17. rocalotopus

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    hell naw. muricans have just normalized fatassery to satirical levels. Wall-E is right there with Idiocracy
  18. Wingnut

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    I dont believe she was coming in to make fun of childhood obesity. Maybe it's a sensitive issue because its kids but what if she pointed out some skin bump in a photo and suggested a parent take the kid to a dermatologist saying that it looked like something serious?

    Side note. I played football into college. I would never let my kids play. Not sure I would encourage racing either as a kid.
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  19. Mongo

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    Completely fine? Doubt that. Being one of the people that size I'm oddly healthy with regard to cholesterol and the like. But I am absolutely feeling the years of being overweight in my joints and such.

    From me the advice is drop weight now because you will only get fatter. I was 240 ish coming out of high school. Yeah, not that now....
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  20. Mongo

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    So getting up there in the weight department a bit are we? :crackup:
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