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  1. ajcjr

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    I feel indy car is some great racing, i havent watched one lick of F1 and feel like im not missing anything. I raced cars for a while but after getting on a bike and really getting into the dynamics of motorcycle racing the cars look boring. Dont get me wrong i still have dreams of wheeling a gt car at a track. I hope indy car takes off and has huge success
  2. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Hurt but healing last I heard.

    FWIW since I'm not sure if this was posted here or not - it was a mechanical that caused the crash not operator error.
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  3. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    Alonso crashed at Indy today in turn 2, car is gone. I was wondering how well he would do without the Andretti info. His team is made up of a few F1 mechanics, and mechanics they've picked up at the track. I'm sure they'll figure it out, might take a while.
  4. michaelrc51

    michaelrc51 Well-Known Member

    Alonso seems unscathed, said he lost the front end. Actually the team announced they are going to fix the car instead of going to a backup.
  5. rd400racer

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    Last weekends Indy GP was some of the best car racing of the year in any series and it hardly registered a blip on the sports radar. Bummed me out a little bit.
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  6. michaelrc51

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    I couldn't believe Pagenaud's pace at the end. To close a 6.5 second gap on Scott Dixon in like 4 or 5 laps is ludicrous! I didn't think he was gonna get around Dixon.
    IndyCar rarely registers a blip.....I miss the Speed Channel!
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  7. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    The whole front, rear, and right side of the car was demolished. I'm sure they'll save a couple pieces and the tub, but it's a complete rebuild. Said they'll have it ready by tomorrow morning.
  8. auminer

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    Haters gonna hate, but the Nascar Cup race at friggin KANSAS of all places was quite entertaining as well.

    I say "Kansas of all places" because that's been absolutely THE most boring track ever. Not so with the new competition package.

    I'm seriously pondering going to the race this fall here in DFW.

    Tune in this weekend when they're racing not for points, but pride and a $1000000 to the winner.

  9. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    I'll bet the Nascar race at DFW will be good. I know the IndyCar races there are awesome. That's where Foyt said Luyendyk wasn't the winner and threw him down in victory circle :crackup:
  10. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    Alonso got a pretty good dose of stress today, qualifying for Indy. He was in the car for 3 hours straight, never got out, it was hot, mid 80s and sunny. He made 5 attempts today....he was in, got bumped, in and bumped etc. The top 30 are locked in, 6 people are going for 3 spots tomorrow, he is 31st fastest.
    There's a huge crowd around him all day. After exiting the car at the end of the day, you could tell he just wanted to get out of there. He made a dash for the pits, but signed a few autographs for fans, and did a very short interview for NBC. I hope he makes it tomorrow, his presence will help the race.
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  11. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    It's pouring down rain at IMS, might not get any action on track today. Alonso is one of 6 drivers going for 3 spots, Hinchcliffe is there also. Hinch set up his other 3 teammates cars, and they'll all locked in, he's a team player.

    5 of the 6 did get practice in this morning...Hinch 228, Karem 228, Chilton 227, O'ward 225, Alonso 223. Unless Alonso finds a lot of speed, he's going home.

    There is a lot of talk about McLaren trying to buy Alonso a spot, or at least putting their sponsors' money toward sponsoring part of another car.
  12. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    It looks like they might get the track dried in time for some action today, two hours left. It's live on NBCSH.
  13. Big T

    Big T Well-Known Member

    Poor Alonzo
    Even poorer McLaren
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  14. rd49

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  15. motion

    motion On an adventure somewhere

    This pleases me greatly :)
  16. Razr

    Razr Well-Known Member

    I've never seen anyone leave this place as fast as Alonso did....he should've been that fast on track :crackup:

    Leigh Diffy had a cool line that the smallest IndyCar team beat the world racing team McLaren for the last spot.
  17. michaelrc51

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  18. DrA5

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    This was making the rounds yesterday, overshadowed later by the death of Niki. But McLaren did a complete cock-up leading up to the 500. Didn't order a steering wheel with the car, waited for the car to be painted the right color orange, didn't convert metric to inches for setup info, had the car sent out with wrong gearing.........
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  20. DrA5

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    He has a problem.

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