I need a new handgun...lets talk guns today. :D

Discussion in 'General' started by Kris87, Mar 17, 2010.

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    That bipod looks pretty trick. Atlas?
  2. lizard84

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    Yes Atlas CAL with ADM-170-S Lever.
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    Nice setup lizard84, be sure to give us a review after your range day!

    I just added one of their stripped lowers for a future AR pistol build myself, finally pulled the trigger on their 6.5CM upper/lower setup.....hoping it shoots as well as the review I watched over the weekend. :D

    Thanks to all for the riflescope feedback/info, much appreciated.....I feel a LOT more comfortable going with the lower zoom range now.

    blkduc- to answer your question, I'm hoping to eventually work up enough courage to enter a competition at some point after lotsa practice. My local rifle ranges only go up to 200yds. But I just added my name to the wait list for a really nice range (nearly an hr away) that goes up to 1k/1200 yds.....wishful thinking for now, but it'd be really neat if I can gain enough knowledge to work my way up to those distances.
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  4. Once you get to strategic edge you have to do a long range basics class to shoot the600-1200 range. It’s free and just two hours or so. Goes over long range basics and safety to make sure you aren’t sending rounds into the next county. The “class” was very good and I’m glad they make people do it before getting on the long range. It taught me a lot and got me comfortable to work up to 1k

    The 100-500yard range and pistol bays you can shoot on day one.
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  5. Dave K

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    I can't find the long gun thread but if you want to try something that will rock your world and shake your soul: Try the HCAR.

    Good gawd, 30-06 and way less weight than it should, it'll shake the fillings out of you teeth. :eek:

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