I Hate Kershaw

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by Hate McDead, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Hate McDead

    Hate McDead Well-Known Member

    I was really enjoying myself during Friday practice at the AHRMA Kershaw round and was ready to really lay down some good competitive laps with my bikes at the races on Saturday and Sunday. I went out on the Framecrafter 450 KTM single in Saturday warm up and promptly high sided it on the outlap in turn 5. I have high sided enough that I know the drill inside and out. I was experiencing what I like to call the 'dead cat bounce' meaning that virtually anything that hits the ground from up high will somewhat bounce when I got T-boned right between the shoulder blades by a Thruxton. My first impression was that the impact was more than my errant bike would have caused. And sure enough, the 451 pound Triumph rolled over me like a runaway meat grinder and roughed me up in a big way. One of my friends rolled by me at that point and said that I was flopping around like a fish out of water. To this I can only say that I was drowning from lack of oxygen as it seemed to take an extra long time to catch my breath from getting the wind knocked out of me. Plus there were about a half dozen actual physical injuries shouting out for attention. In the end I was not hurt too bad: a badly bruised heel from flipping on it from the high side landing, a badly bruised hand that slapped down from the high side landing, a very sore neck from the Thruxton wheel (it left a clear tread pattern on my leathers right between my shoulder blades and split the leather from the impact), a sore chest from the Thruxton rolling over me and most lingering of injuries: a torn MCL somehow. All in all, it could have been worse. The rider who hit me wouldn't come see how I was because he thought I would be mad at him so I hobbled over to him to get his opinion. I don't blame him a bit as it was me that crashed right in front of him but his comment that he tried not to 'target fixate' on me was 'interesting'. (By the way, last year at the same track, Luke Conner high sided in front of me at Kershaw on pit exit. I tried to dodge him but did side swipe him which sent him to the hospital with several broken ribs and other injuries)
    Earlier in the day, I was following Jack Parker into turn one and watched him wash out his front tire and go ass over tea kettle leaving a trail of broken body parts and busting up his hand. He had a big chunk of skin missing.
    I hobbled over to E-Boz' pit and saw one of his bikes looking like he had parked it next to a car bomb that exploded. Crushed tank, tore up body work, leaking like the Valdez tanker. E-boz showed up and said that he high sided in one of the early turns. He also had a hand that looked like he had shoved it into the garbage disposal for a minute or two..
    Someone suggested that we get a picture of Jack and E-Boz and me with our hands all together. It didn't happen but it would have been a good shot. E-Boz ground up, Jacked with a patch of skin missing, mine looked like a boxing glove from being so swollen.
    I think we missed a great opportunity for a photo shoot.
    Some people think Kershaw takes a rider so far and then throws them away. I found the track very good but noticed that my knee pucks were getting ground away like a cheese grater was working em over. I wonder about that track now.
  2. ToofPic

    ToofPic Member known well

    So...What gloves were you fellurs using?
    Glad your relatively alright,I know the feeling
  3. 90kacoupe

    90kacoupe Novice seeking Help

    That track does not have a good record with AHRMA right now. I unfortunately love the track but I understand if we do not go back. The surface is very rough and the cracks are huge. Turn one sucks, and the 3 red flags in SOT3 was awful, but I always have fun racing there. I do wish they would repave, and put pit out on the outside of turn 2. Turns 8 and 10 are definitely my favorite. I hate you had a bad weekend, along with the others that took chopper rides.
  4. Harry V. III

    Harry V. III Well-Known Member

    Glad to see you are getting back to your old opinionated self. You were very entertaining once meds kicked in.
    I will never forget your response when I asked if I could do anything for you.
  5. Yamaha Fan

    Yamaha Fan Well-Known Member

    Must have been COLD......
  6. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    Pit out gets everyone there....... That has no Patience....

    I love CMP... Best kept secret in the South....
  7. guzziguy

    guzziguy Well-Known Member

    i dont find the surface a problem, other than being hell on the tires. It's a fun track. Turn one is a problem at the start, at least with the combination of classes we ran in race 5, the singles took off as they do and caught the bikes in front, everyone arrived at T1 at the same time, I have great video of a three bike pileup, everyone reaching for the apex at once. It took three attempts on Saturday to get that race going. Dont know why but it seemed to be carnage that weekend.
    Hope everyone is healed by now.
  8. 90kacoupe

    90kacoupe Novice seeking Help

    We all know and agree that you cannot go into turn 1 five wide. But yet it was tried over and over. That to me is the only real problem there. I hope we can continue to race there. I really like that track! but this is the 2nd year there and both times have been full of red flags and hospital visits.
  9. Robin172

    Robin172 Well-Known Member

    I could tell you were in a fair bit of discomfort Stu, so much so that I almost felt sorry for you.:D

    I don't blame the track for that.
  10. Hate McDead

    Hate McDead Well-Known Member

  11. fat bloke

    fat bloke Well-Known Member

    My first time there, bloody loved the track Inc the bumps and cracks
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  12. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    It’s about Damned time you went!
  13. Harry V. III

    Harry V. III Well-Known Member

    I could tell you were in a fair bit of discomfort Stu, so much so that I almost felt sorry for you.:D
  14. 83BSA

    83BSA Well-Known Member

    Operative word: almost.

    Yer getting soft Harry. Look at Stu's record there. It ain't purty. Next thing ya know, you'll be pullin' over for me and Eboz 'cause ya feel sorry fer us with that 100 hp cheater motor ya got.


  15. Hate McDead

    Hate McDead Well-Known Member

    Don't let that man water falling from your eyeballs cloud your vision, Harry.

    I can't recall exactly because i had a concussion so things are a bit unclear. I could be mixing up an earlier encounter with you but, if my memory is right, I believe that when you heard that I was banged up that you offered to ride my bikes for me. I can count on friends like you, Harry.
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  16. Hate McDead

    Hate McDead Well-Known Member

    My record stands proud at Kershaw. Last year while entering the track on my SV, Luke Conner high sided going into turn one from pit out. I masterly heaved the SV to one side of the tumbling Luke and his HD. I narrowly missed the bike but more importantly managed to use my evasive skills to graze Luke. Unfortunately, even that side swipe along with Luke's tumbling resulted in a couple of cracked vertibre, a collapsed lung?, several broken ribs and I don't know what the fuck else. He later checked into the hospital for a few days. No it 'ain't purdy' but it could have been much worse. Interesting the front tire of the bike that ran over me left its tread pattern squarely in the center of my back. However, while talking to the rider, he claimed not to suffer from target fixation. Ultimately it's simply a racing incident. A throw of the dice.
  17. Hate McDead

    Hate McDead Well-Known Member

    I might add that when I first met 83BSA at Barber about 10 years ago. He happened to crash and then roll under the wheels of another bike. Further, I believe that this tough rugby player got home but had to check himself into the hospital for a collapsed lung.
  18. Muz720

    Muz720 Well-Known Member

    I find turn one to be an issue at the start of races. Don't know if they started from the same place as last year> But if so AHRMA should move the start back to start finish to give guys a chance to get some gap before turn one. even though the speeds are lower with a closer start the pack is to bunched up for that turn. I like the track but the surface is a bitch on tires and I believe it contributes to the injury's as its like falling on serrated knife and wont like you slide. Causing you to tumble as it rips at your leathers.
  19. Harry V. III

    Harry V. III Well-Known Member

    Yer getting soft Harry. Look at Stu's record there. It ain't purty. Next thing ya know, you'll be pullin' over for me and Eboz 'cause ya feel sorry fer us with that 100 hp cheater motor ya got. ............

    Win one V5 and one Heavy Wt SBK on little 550 and everyone starts calling you a cheater. I resemble that remark. Plus I'm not pullin'over for anybody

    , if my memory is right, I believe that when you heard that I was banged up that you offered to ride my bikes for me.......... NO, I was actually concerned about you and relieved to see that the Kramer was not damaged. Even I am not that cold hearted , to take advantage of you on drugs.
  20. 83BSA

    83BSA Well-Known Member

    Please take advantage of me on drugs. . . . Ok, just give me the drugs.

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