Honda RS125 parts, frame, swingarm, engine etc.

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  1. peter leduc

    peter leduc

    This is going to sound like I'm parting out my bike but I can assure you these are all spares I've accumulated and now need to get rid of so I can race and or practice and or buy new boots/transponder for this season. I was attempting to assemble a B bike but I'd rather have the money to race this season. Pics will be up soon.

    1996 Frame $450 - Just Imported w/ coil moved to outside of frame
    1998 Swingarm $300 - rearset dents on both sides
    1996 Engine w/ 800miles on bottom end - 30 miles on top (Not quite
    available yet as I still have to throw it together) $1100
    1995-97 Carb w/ choke blocked off for better flow $75
    1995 CDI's (2 of them) $75
    1998 Wiring harness $10 2 each
    1992/93 Rear wheel $125 W/ new black powder coating very nice shape
    100% new in box Galfer wave rotor $225
    1997 Front Faring Stay $75
    1997 Tachometer $100
    NF4 Silencer $30
    NF4 Wheel/Chain alignment block for swingarm $20 (for both)
    NF4 Rear axle $5
    NF4 Front faring stay $15

    There's probably more I just need to start going through the stuff I'm not actually using. PM your email if you need a pic.


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