Honda RS125 Engine Package - Complete $1150 shipped

Discussion in '2-Stroke Machines' started by peter leduc, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. peter leduc

    peter leduc

    I've got a nice Honda RS125 engine package for sale that's ready to race $1150. If you're going to race nationally, a solid spare engine package is a very good idea. Any time you have a major issue at the track, you can just spend the 45minutes between sessions swapping out engines instead of figuring out the problem, running around the pits finding parts etc.

    The crankshaft/crankcase is a 95-97 built by Carlos Neves. It has 600 miles on it and the piston/top end is brand new. The water pump is all rebuilt and I just went through the whole assembly replacing everything external to the crankshaft without splitting the cases.

    It comes with Intake & Carb, CDI, Coil, Wiring Harness, plug, exhaust pipe flange etc.

    I also have additional parts available if you want to spend more money. A very nice , brand new 10.4cc CNC cut cylinder head, VHM cylinder head W/O insert, JHA (A-kit) CDI for leaded fuel, spare clutch packs (used) etc.

    Click on Links to see full sized images.

    Please email if you want to see more pictures.

    Thanks guys and have a great "off" season getting ready for next year.


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