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    Eat a dick spelled backwards is metalhead.
  2. I gotta say, I’ve been in about 30-40 different countries, and I’ve never seen the date being formatted like that.

    Everywhere I’ve been, it’s D/M/Y (essentially, shortest to longest).

    The US predominantly uses M/D/Y; but on US official forms like Customs/Immigration/etc...it is D/M/Y.
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    Goat spelled backwards is Vale
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    Some countries haven't standardized the use of the standard, and some organizations/people don't use the standard itself, regardless of what their country has adopted, but that's the international standard nonetheless. And some people write as they speak, but that don't make it right, know wa ah mean ? :D
  7. Mongo

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    It's d/m/y elsewhere because they talk backwards :D
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    Kiss it.
  9. I didn’t say you were wrong, I just said I’ve never seen that practiced. Hell I’d never even heard of it formatted like that till your post.

    Even on official government forms (including US ones), it’s listed D/M/Y.

    But when you list it like that in the US, people get all fucked up. Like today would be 12/9/19. In Europe, Africa, Brazil, Asia, etc, they would know what day it is; in the US, people would think that means December.

    I used to get fucked up going back and forth, so now I just always write out the month. No matter where I am in the world, I’ll put 12-Sept-19.

    Even though that’s not how the US does it, anybody can read that as “12th of September”.
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    I'm less nerd about this than other things...
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    But more difficult about others. :D
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    On some days...
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    Its because we're lazy or efficient. People don't say 12th of December. They say December 12th, on less word, aka more efficient, so we write how we say it.. :D
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    Like I said, Euros talk backwards.
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  15. Seeing how Europe, Brazil, Asia, the entire Africa continent, etc all say D/M/Y...it would seem the US is the one who talks backwards. :D
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    It bothers my OCD that mm/dd/yy isn't either in ascending or descending order of significance. Qb lbh unir gb or n areq vs lbh unir BPQ?
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    Nope, WE set the standard!
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    Exactly. Get in line, MFR's!
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    Just like all the other standards we are the only ones we use:

    SAE bolt and nut sizes
    AWG (American Wire Gauge)
    FPS (foot-pound-second)
    US Liquid Measure (teaspoon, ounce, cup, gallon)
    12-hour time with AM/PM

    We have collected a whole set of hard to use, unrelated, non-intuitive unique measurement standards the the rest of the world looks at and Shakes their heads.
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    The double D bra?

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