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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Handicapped Racer, Dec 19, 2018.

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    Very interesting. He has assembled a team of people that can get stuff done and they have crunched numbers and figured out that they can get a lot of this done for way cheaper that the gov. I mean duh to that part, but working out a plan to bypass the gov is very interesting.
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    Jeebus...The border is the freakin' border. What side is the "poor side of town"?
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    It was a reply about eminent domain and how it usually affects those that can't fight the taking of their property, There are people that own property along the border that don't want it taken away from them, pay attention. :D
  5. R Acree

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    Sweet....I don't want my money taken to support illegals. Whose rights win?
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    No one, you should know that by now.
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    I'm not a big fan of eminent domain either, it sucks when your the one who gets affected. We wouldn't have interstates airports or even railroads but for ED. Not at all aware of ED being targeted upon the "poor" side of town. In fact, in the cases I'm aware of, the farmers have been much more impacted.
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    I have a couple of good friends in Panama City Fl who are losing property/ businesses to road widening... one is Retiring off the money,(it is an established salvage yard) I ask if it was a "fair outcome".. he smiled really big and said "Oh Yeah Man, I'm done"... the other is buying another spot with the money, better location and paying cash.
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    You gotta find a better acronym than ED, man!
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    Some do, some don't, I know one restaurant here in town that got moved four times in the last 30 years, the last one paid off but they fought it in court for three years. Now there's a gas station and a McDonald's there, that was a huge benefit for the city. :(o_O
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    Hasn't stopped you from playing that card.
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    Nor you :D
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    Yeah, but I'm right.
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    Your wife believes you when you say that too, doesn't she? :D
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    Time to remind you of the only three possible ways a man can do something as far as a woman is concerned:
    1. You did it wrong.
    2. You did it right, but not soon enough.
    3. You should have done it without being asked.
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    Is there any reason to think the policy has changed? To my knowledge, NOTHING ever came of all the crazy stuff that was going on at the IRS with the Obama Admin using them to target conservative groups and all kinds of other hi jinks.
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