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Discussion in 'General' started by Sideshow, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Don't know if it is ok that I post this here.If not delete and I'm sorry.
    A bunch of us are trying to help this kid keep racing.

  2. KILLA1

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    He is part of our NJMiniGP here in NJ! Great Kid, Great Family, he really is very talented!!! I will be more than willing to help this kid out!!!!

    I pitted with him and his family at Summit last year, like i said really great family!!!!

    on a side note, wait till you see his sister ride :up: can't forget about her!!!
  3. stumpy77

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    Its hard for anyone to take credit for him but njminigp they have not stopped helping him since day one . And i can tell you that Ryan Fleming has put 100's of hours teaching him and then my son Eric is another njminigp racer that is now sponsored by the best like Larry Pegram because of the njminigp club!!! So take time to realize that you should always give credit were the credit is do!!!!

    Scott Stump
  4. worthless

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    Hmmm...I had a few drinks last night, but, my brain is pretty clear. I'm trying to understand the correlation between the post above and the request for help for Xavier.

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