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Discussion in 'General' started by Knotcher, Dec 25, 2020.

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    A little disappointed that Motortrend on demand doesn't seem to have it this year (or maybe when it is over!). The Red Bull coverage is great, but only regarding Red Bull teams. They say as little as possible about anybody else, so it is hard to really follow the race. I can still get NBCSN, but can't DVR it anymore. Motortrend On-demand was my replacement, but it seems like you have to change stuff every month to get what you want.
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    any updates on ricky and short?
  3. Knotcher

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  4. 2blueYam

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    The YouTube link above has good daily updates of all the classes.

    Both the top two Americans in the bike class are still in the hunt.
    Americans are also sitting 2 and 3 in the Lightweight vehicle class.
  5. younglion

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    American Skyler Howes is 9th and Brabec is 13th after stage 6 - just under 20 minutes off Toby "2-pies" Price.

    Short is out of it...
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  6. Once a Wanker..

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    Official fuel truck put 2 liters of water in Andrew's fuel tank. Other competitors experienced issues, but none this extreme.
  7. rice r0cket

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  8. Knotcher

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    If he were French they would have found a way.
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  10. ducnut

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    Toby Price!!!

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  11. A. Barrister

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    No, shit like that doesn't normally happen, unless people are negligent. I'm assuming from reading, that everyone has to get their fuel from the sanctioning body/contracted provider?

    And for race officials to say it "wasn't possible" to rejoin, is a total cop-out.
  12. 2blueYam

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    Stage win today for Ricky B. with Howes 3rd. Overall Howes 7th and Ricky 8th only about 13 and 15 minutes back of the new leader Cornejo.

    Americans Jones and Quintero (18 year old rookie) sitting 2nd and 3rd in the lightweight vehicle class as well.
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  13. rice r0cket

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    Toby Price has to run a tire literally ziptied and duct taped together tomorrow b/c of the tire limit rules.

    Who came up w/ this shit?

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  14. Knotcher

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    Those ties are going pop within minutes is my guess.
  15. 2blueYam

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    Considering Ricky had to open the stage, losing only 2:50 to the leader was pretty good. The Chilean will have to open the stage tomorrow with Price leaving 2nd, so the door should be open for the rest of the field to attack the two leaders. Ricky will be starting 3rd, so not many tracks for him to follow either.

    Howes still holding on in 7th, a very respectable position for what I believe is a privateer effort.

    We are getting to the point where the riders that conserved some tires should start to move up in the standings.

    I believe Price's tire issue is because it was the Marathon stage. That is the one time you have to make a single tire last two days as there is no crew or spares at the bivouac. The overall tires are also limited, but I would think most of the riders have something better than that to put on the bike if they are not on a marathon stage. If they don't they are in big trouble and will be lucky to finish the Dakar.
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  16. Smilodon

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    Looks like Motortrend on demand has finally got some episodes starting last week. Better late than never I guess. I enjoyed binge-watching them and getting the stories I was missing on Red Bull's coverage.
  17. Blue Junk

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    It's a pretty standard rule for marathon stages. However, Toby took (requested) Short's wheel assy last year and used it to finish the stage (great video of Andrew riding dunes with just a wheel assy). This year they put a rule in place that you can't use another competitors wheel/tire assy, so this is what he has to use. As luck would have it, the big guy not only finished the day, but placed P2!
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  18. rice r0cket

    rice r0cket Well-Known Member

    Yep, I think you're right, seems like Red Bull misquoted the reasoning.

  19. rice r0cket

    rice r0cket Well-Known Member

    Ahh gotcha, a different new rule. I do remember Short riding a rim last year.
  20. 2blueYam

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    Toby Price crashed and airlifted to the hospital.
    Cornejo leading, Benavides 2nd and Sunderland 3rd.
    Brabec up to 4th just 17 minutes back. Looking like a 4 horse race with Bang Bang 29 minutes back in 5th, but still 1078km of special stages remaining a lot could change.
    Howes still back in 7th, 40 minutes down.

    LW Vehicle:
    Bummer for Quintero. Looks like a mechanical and will fall well down the order if not out.
    Jones also had a bad day and fell from the lead to 12 minutes back in 2nd place.

    The trucks are the most bad-ass racing vehicles on the planet. Too bad the class is dominated by the Russian Kamaz team to the point of boredom.

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