George H. W. Bush funeral

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Steeltoe, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Steeltoe

    Steeltoe Breaker of chains.

    Looking at who is and who ain't there.
  2. In Your Corner

    In Your Corner It's a little-known fact...

    I'm trying my best to ignore the whole ridiculous display, but it's omnipresent.
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  3. sheepofblue

    sheepofblue Well-Known Member

    Off switch
  4. pickled egg

    pickled egg D'ern didn't inspect my undercarriage...

  5. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Well-Known Member

    It's not until Wednesday isn't it?
  6. TXFZ1

    TXFZ1 Well-Known Member

    It is a four day event. He will lay in the Capitol while people make speeches, looks like Trump was not asked to speak. Goes to Houston for the service and then to College Station for the burial.

    The train ride from Houston to College Station will be something to see.
  7. In Your Corner

    In Your Corner It's a little-known fact...

    Will they be sacrificing virgins?
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  8. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Well-Known Member

    HW was an OK prez....but nice guys finish last, why he lost in 1992. No disrespect here, I am totally in awe of his accomplishments (especially his 18 yo WWII service)! I do get a little nausiated with the fawning over him now that he is gone. Let the good man RIP.
  9. TXFZ1

    TXFZ1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, gonna tie them to the track.
  10. stk0308

    stk0308 Well-Known Member

    A man who was the head of the CIA should never be considered a "nice guy". Just sayin'.
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  11. SpeedyE

    SpeedyE Experimental prototype, never meant for production

  12. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

    Dammit deepsxepa hacked speedy's login.

    I'm not sure what the DCI knows and doesn't know about the dirty deeds being done in the name of national security. Seems more like a public face on a very secretive entity.
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  13. HPPT

    HPPT Admin/Mod

    Dammit, W! Almost made it to the end of his speech… :(
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  14. CausticYarn

    CausticYarn Cut the rope

    Life has been so much more pleasant without Facebook and the constant media insanity but, I had no idea he was dead...
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  15. Fonda Dix

    Fonda Dix Well-Known Member

    No kidding. Damn.
  16. HPPT

    HPPT Admin/Mod

    Don't get me wrong, he finished it. But the last couple of sentences were tough to get out. I was rooting for him because I saw his daughters yesterday talk about how that he was concerned he might break down at some point during the eulogy.
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  17. speeddaddy

    speeddaddy Well-Known Member

    “Then along came Jones......”
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  18. sheepofblue

    sheepofblue Well-Known Member

    I think he was a good man however he stopped the Reagan revolution and sold us back to the swamp. There was far worse presidents but he was not even near the list of good ones. Sorry for his family and he did have a good list of accomplishments among them getting elected president. But as to his term as President meh.
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  19. sheepofblue

    sheepofblue Well-Known Member

    Best way to sum up his presidential term is had he beat Reagan and been the nominee we would still be fighting the cold war
  20. HPPT

    HPPT Admin/Mod

    Because without St. Ronald, nothing could have happened in the past 38 years that would have caused the collapse of the USSR?
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