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Discussion in 'Tech' started by styles, Apr 24, 2008.

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    What's the significance of using a smaller front sprocket?

    For example - I see for the 06-07 gsxr600s (not sure about 08) the stock gearing is 16/43 and many people recommend 15/45. My understanding is -1 in the front is equal to +2 in the rear (correct me if I'm wrong). So why not run 16/47? Gear ratios should be similar so is it just to maintain a satisfactory wheelbase (longer, shorter) and it's characteristics?

    What if you run 16/47 with a chain length that puts the wheelbase at the exact same length as 15/45? Now no difference whatsoever?

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    When changing sprockets, it can have an effect on wheelbase, ride height, and chain length. Also looking from the side, the chain coverage area would may get wider or narrower. Along with ride height, it may change the angle of the swing-arm.
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