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Discussion in 'Other' started by beac83, Jul 15, 2020.

  1. beac83

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    Its a long shot, but if anyone is looking to buy a nice 1BR apartment in a great building in the Peekskill, NY area my apartment is now listed.


    Kitchen appliances except fridge are new in the last 18 months. Apartment is recently painted and very clean. I spent a lot of time cleaning the place up since I bought it in 2016. It's a co-op, and the place is run very well. The Corporation has no debt and very good financials. Pool, tennis courts, off-street parking space included, extras available for rent. 10 minutes from great Hudson Valley riding. Commute to the city is a little over an hour from the door to Grand Central via Metro North, about 45 min to Henry Hudson Bridge if driving.
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  2. Seif J

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    How many miles? Clean title? Dyno shoot?
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  3. beac83

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    Hasn't moved since 1975. Clean title. Located 10566. Solid frame and motors. A/C works better than any trailer unit. Concrete floor and ceiling. Balcony for hanging off. Knee down riding 2 miles away. Complex has two grills for mimicking good times in the paddock. Like Grattan, it also has a pool. And the Bath/Shower facilites beat any track.
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    I guess you can't add pics when you edit posts. Latest dyno run I have a sheet for. It will raise the front wheel on the front straight at Road A.

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    Close to Harriman and Bear Mountain! :D This assures primo posing parking on Sunday mornings!! :D
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  6. BigBird

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    Back to Chicago?

    ~sent from Earth Station
  7. beac83

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    Yep, Got to clean and fix up this place (in Chicago) before moving on.

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